How to make your living room more welcoming?

If making your living room cosier as winter approaches is rather usual, the metamorphosis of this living room has a very special flavour this year. More than ever before, the undisputed nerve centre of our habitat serves as a refuge in which we curl up and comfort ourselves, not only at nightfall but also during the day. What makes a living room warm? What colour for a warm living room?  How to make a living room warm? Between the use of natural and comfortable materials, the use of colour and the accumulation of decorative objects, here are all our tips to make your living room warm and spend the winter smoothly.

1. Decorate the decor with decorative objects

If the devil is in the details, the decoration of a living room is also there, if not more. Candleplaid, family heirlooms, statuette, vase, once all these accessories are put together the salt and harmony of a warm living room. In the evening, we light a scented candle, we slip under a plaid near the library and we admire the cosy atmosphere that emerges. Witnesses to our lives and decorative objects tell who we are and fully participate in the development of a refuge lounge, so don’t neglect them. 

2. Install a large comfortable rug for a warm living room

The centrepiece of the living room is praised for its decorative but above all warm virtues, the rug tops the list of essential accessories for this living room. With graphic or plain patterns, monochrome or coloured, large or small, the warm living room adapts to all trends and all types of coverings as long as they are comfortable and fluffy. To accumulate at will, this floor accessory makes us feel like cocooning in addition to breathing an extra soul into the atmosphere.

3. Accumulate cushions on the living room sofa

Synonymous with unparalleled comfort, cushions are more necessary than ever in the warm living room. On a sofa, an armchair or the floor, they guarantee a cosy space by their mere presence, in addition to adding a significant decorative note. Besides, on the look side, all types of cushions are welcome: from the coloured linen cushion to the graphic fabric cushion, including the coarse wool floor cushion. To associate with the rest of the decor or on the contrary to play the card of originality, the cushion allows everything.

4. Bet on several lights for a warm and bright living room

We don’t teach you: the lights are much more than simple decorative accessories, they are decisive in the development of a chic atmosphere. For a warm and bright living room, we prefer several sources of diffuse light rather than large white and sanitized lighting. We therefore alternate suspension, auxiliary lamp, reading lamp and small table lamp that we can turn off as we please according to the desired atmosphere.


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