How to Make The Most Beautiful Aesthetic Room

Plants, photos, posters… surely you’ve seen a room decorated with these elements, right? This is a typical bedroom aesthetic. 

Super popular on social media, this bedroom style has become a decoration trend. And in today’s post, we will tell you all about it. Join and follow up. 

How to have an aesthetic room?

Light and neutral colors

To have an aesthetic room you need to create a base of neutral and light colors in the background.

This means painting walls in white or off-white tones, in addition to having furniture, mostly in light colors. It is even worth sticking and painting what you already have, such as a bed and wardrobe. 

Light and neutral colors are important to enhance and highlight the elements that will be added next.

Posters to express personality

Posters follow the same idea as the photos, but with an even greater tendency to reveal personal tastes and style.  Use and abuse posters in this sense.

The tip is to combine them with the photos in a fun and irreverent composition. It is worth either sticking them on the wall or creating a clothesline.

And one more cool tip: try to compose the posters using a common color palette.  That is, look for posters that have similar colors.


Another highlight of the aesthetic rooms is the bedding. Usually, this element is highly valued, closing the decoration with a golden key. 

Therefore, the tip is to focus on layers and textures. Use sheets, bed covers, footboards, pillows and pillows in different fabrics, such as cotton, plush and crochet, for example.


This tip has everything to do with the previous one, but instead of taking texture just to the bedding, take it to the whole room.

This includes rugs, curtains, ottomans and upholstered chairs. Textures are perfect for bringing comfort and, of course, style and personality to the decor.


Finally, but still super important are the mirrors. They are the icing on the cake of aesthetic decoration. 

The most common way to use mirrors in this type of room is to place them directly on the floor, in the case of large rectangular mirrors, or even round mirrors on the wall. 

In the latter case, the Adnet mirror is one of the favorites. The model has a frame and handles, usually made of leather, although there are versions with metallic handles. 

Check out these 9 aesthetic bedroom ideas below and get inspired when planning yours:











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