How To Make Amazing Home Accessories Using Wood Logs

This article shows you amazing ideas of how to use wood logs in home decoration.

Wood logs may seem really useless, and as something not creative, but they are something completely opposite.

This ideas below are prove how they can be used as a really exquisite home accessories.

Bring wooden logs in your home, putt them anywhere you find ti appropriate.

This ideas will blow your mind and make you start at this very moment to create er piece made of wood log.

Here are marvelous and creative ideas to implement them in your home decor.

How do you like them?

A circular mirror with wood slices all around

ArchitectureArtDesigns (1)

Via: That’s my letter

Diy garden paths of wood slabs

ArchitectureArtDesigns (2)

Via : domesticatednomad

Diy garden paths of wood slabs

ArchitectureArtDesigns (3)

Diy plant stand of lumber logs

ArchitectureArtDesigns (4)

Diy wall wood clock

ArchitectureArtDesigns (5)

Via: Design Sponge


ArchitectureArtDesigns (6)

Via: ikeahackers

Log placemats

ArchitectureArtDesigns (7)

Log placemats

ArchitectureArtDesigns (8)

Via: wedding chicks

Log reed diffuser vase

ArchitectureArtDesigns (9)

Via: thecsiproject

Rachel log shelves

ArchitectureArtDesigns (10)

Via: ds

Transform tree to table

ArchitectureArtDesigns (11)

Via: Camille Styles

Wood logs wall

ArchitectureArtDesigns (12)

Photo: Liv McMillan

Nature Inspired Christmas Wreath

ArchitectureArtDesigns (13)

Via: Shabby Love


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