How To Make A Pallet Shelf?

Have you thought about combining the versatility of the pallet with the functionality of the shelves? This incredible duo has a lot to offer when it comes to decorating and organizing the home.

And you want to know the best? The pallet shelf is a super cheap option, and it can even come out for free if you are lucky enough to find some pallet giving soup around. Another great advantage of pallets is the sustainable and ecological footprint, after all, they are totally reusable materials that can and should return to the production and consumption cycle, avoiding the extraction of new raw materials and the increase of waste.

So let’s learn how to make and how to use this beauty in the decoration of your home?

How to make pallet shelf

There are several models of pallet racks out there. But one thing is certain: they will all need the same materials (with some minor changes).

So, take note and start separating everything you will need to make your pallet shelf.

Necessary materials

  • 1 pallet
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Hacksaw
  • Measuring tape
  • Sandpaper for wood
  • Measuring tape
  • The ink of your preference
  • Brush roller

Step by step to make a pallet shelf

Start by cleaning and sanding the entire pallet. Remove splinters and nails that may be loose. It is also interesting to sanitize it, especially if it came from a dumpster. To do this, just dilute half a cup of bleach in one liter of water and sprinkle this mixture on the pallet. With the help of a sponge, spread it over the entire surface and let it dry.

Then, cut the pallet according to the shelf design you want to make. Some models maintain the original structure, others, in turn, use only the slats.

Remembering that the shelf needs a base and support to be installed on the wall. Fix the wooden slats with the nails.

Then, sand the pallet one more time and apply a coat of paint or varnish, depending on the finish you want to give.

Finally, just hang it on the wall.

Care and maintenance

Write down some important tips to keep your pallet shelf always beautiful:

  • The pallet is made of wood, usually pine, and therefore requires the same care as any other wood. That is, you will need to periodically treat, paint or varnish to avoid natural wear and tear and protect the shelf from attack by mold, mildew, and, of course, termites.
  • Avoid placing the pallet rack in open places so that rainwater does not damage it.
  • Humid environments, such as bathrooms, for example, need extra reinforcement in the maintenance of the pallet shelf.
  • For daily cleaning use, only a cloth moistened with water and neutral detergent.











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