How To Make A Neutral Monochrome Warm Decor

White, beige, cream, greige… the whole art of neutral decor is to maintain a range of clear and close shades to obtain a quasi-monochrome atmosphere, where nothing stands out. It’s not about adopting white for white: white walls, white tiles, white sofa, white furniture … If you did that, you would get a cold interior without too much personality. Here the thing is more subtle. You have to play with warm materials and light shades, bet on contrasting tips to infuse warmth. 

To illustrate my point, we chose three “neutral” and designer interiors that caught our eye, because they had a warm touch. Neutral interiors follow one another across the web, especially on Scandinavian real estate sites. It can quickly become redundant and boring. But sometimes we stumble upon nuggets like these.

1. WORK WITH A NEUTRAL COLOR PALETTE, RATHER WARM. Combine warm whites (with a hint of yellow), grays, and beiges. Be careful, all light colors do not necessarily go together, work them like real colors. No two off-whites are the same, no two blacks are the same…

2.  OPT FOR WARM MATERIALS such as waxed concrete, wood, natural fibers …

3. In a contemporary minimalist space, BET ON NOBLE TEXTILES such as linen, wool-based blends, even beautiful cotton will bring a lot of warmth. Carpets are also heat vectors.

4. LET THE WALLS SPEAK. Do not hesitate to highlight traces of the past or bring elements of decor weathered by the time such as an old door.

5. In the choice of furniture and decorative elements, MIX PRODUCT WITH CURRENT DESIGN, ANTIQUE OBJECTS, FAMILY FURNITURE

6. To give relief, BRING CONTRAST, either with a dissonant touch of color, a touch of black or brown, or even a surprising material such as brass.

Take a look and get inspired:










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