How to make a beautiful garden path?

Pavers, reconstituted stone, gravel, bricks, or wood… there are many possibilities for creating a beautiful garden path . Its role is very essential to create harmony in the heart of the garden. The path structures the garden and enhances it, it must meander, and invite you to discover the plants and flowers that border it. How to make a beautiful garden path? What is the best coating for a garden path? Overview of the different implementation techniques to create a garden path.

The rules for making a beautiful garden path

For a garden path to resist time, certain rules must be respected. First of all, it is necessary that the driveway displays a slope of 2 cm per meter so that the flow of rainwater is done easily. In addition, the ground on which you are going to lay the selected coating must be stable, in other words load-bearing, otherwise, it will continue to move and the decorative coating will move or even break, which will harm the beauty of the driveway.

As for the coating, slabs, stones, and bricks, they must be frost-resistant, that is to say, resistant to frost, non-slip, and have a thickness of at least 4 cm. The laying is done according to the ground and the coating chosen, either on a bed of sand or on concrete, but the latter solution has the disadvantage of being not very reversible.

The joints between the elements must be carefully made and respect precise spaces according to the coating. As for the desired pattern such as chevrons, or a rounded peacock tail, it must first be made in layout, that is to say, be the subject of a very precise drawing to scale and which will then be useful to you. guide. Avoid making an alley that is too straight, too austere for the eye, don’t hesitate to break its rhythm regularly to bring its personality and originality to the heart of the garden.


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