How to Integrate The Timelessness of Neutrals Into Your Home

Find harmony in space, the balance of colors. A soft tone that invites us to retreat. This is what Neutrals are like, a low-intensity color range that is back on trend and that we love for the serenity it transmits in rooms. Do you want to learn how to integrate them into your home?

Getting zen spaces made for comfort is not always easy. However, using a neutral and natural color palette can be the first step. The same with the furniture and the rest of the decoration items. In this case, every item counts. The important thing is to dress the rooms in neutral colors (white, beige, ivory, gray, black, and we can even add brown).

Once we take into account the need to combine Neutrals with other touches of color or furniture, you should know that, in reality, it is a very simple decoration in which we can use milky colors, very soft and harmonious tones,  mixing natural materials such as wood, linen fabrics, cotton, and some wicker object. A pleasant way to create new areas or redecorate existing ones by adding these soft and balanced touches.

Bet on the neutral, the light, the clarity in the forms, a way to make your home that Zen space you always want to return to.

1. Antique gold mirror

Why not put mirrors with little touches of color? This is a way to energize the Neutrals that will bring freshness to the living room or bedrooms. This is the Stein mirror, made in an aged gold color and that looks great combined with wooden furniture.

2. Wool rug

The rugs in neutral and light tones are ideal for creating quiet and comfortable spaces. Especially those that are made with wool. Soft, furry, perfect for fall! Also, they harmonize perfectly with all types of flooring: tile, parquet, cement floor, etc… Ideal in any room.

3. Natural fiber basket

As we have already advanced, natural fibers are one of the best allies in creating a neutral and warm space. Give us that feeling of home and seclusion that we like so much now that winter is approaching. Also, wicker and natural fiber baskets are perfect for breaking with the monochrome.

4. Shatt fabric sofa

A designer sofa that also brings comfort and harmony to your living room? It’s just what you need to create your Neutrals zone. Bet on colors like beige or gray to get a room made for relaxation. Besides, you can combine it with cushion covers in stronger tones to create an effect of contrast and warmth.

5. Table runner

Decorate your tables with these table runners. They are an ideal item that highlights the furniture provided warmth and softness with its light tones. A way to reintroduce fabrics such as linen or natural fibers to create a 100% neutral space.

6. Ceramic tray

This glazed ceramic tray with four compartments of different sizes and a low edge is ideal to place in both the kitchen and living rooms. A way to organize your objects, in addition to bringing serenity and chic touch to space.


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