How to Furnish Your College Apartment

When you go away to college, it means leaving home for the first time and striking out as an adult. This also means leaving your parents and their home, which could mean you have to furnish your apartment. This learning experience will help you be better prepared to strike out on your own when you graduate. Here are a few ways you can furnish your college apartment.

1. Rent Furniture

When furnishing your new college apartment, you should consider renting furniture as it is affordable and aesthetically pleasing. Your ideal choice for a college apartment should be an armoire or chest of drawers, a simple study table, and a chair. These types of furniture are very common in college apartments because they are easy to use and they look nice in the apartment.

2. Buy Comfortable Mattresses

A comfortable mattress is one of the most important things you need to buy for a college apartment. Besides being healthy, a good mattress will make your bed more comfortable and cosy. You should be able to sleep on it for years without spending money on a new one. Depending on your needs, you can choose from a wide range of mattresses including the incredible hybrid mattress. Made from traditional spring coils and bamboo, the mattress is comfortable and suitable for various preferences. You will love it.

3. Get the Right Pillows and Sheets

When choosing your pillows and sheets, your focus should be quality, comfort, and affordability. For instance, cotton sheets are considered the best as they are soft and breathable. If you have allergies or sensitive skin, you should choose organic cotton sheets as they do not contain chemicals or pesticides. Besides the aesthetics, ensure that the sheets fit the size of your mattress. Don’t forget to get a pair of fibre or bamboo pillows for a good night’s sleep.

4. Get Quality Curtains for Your Windows

Curtains are one of the simplest ways to furnish your college apartment. Apart from protecting your apartment from extra light, they also enhance your privacy. If you want to go with a more luxurious option, you can get curtains with a pattern that conforms to your house’s existing style.

5. Invest in Lighting

How do you intend to light up your apartment? Well, the right lights will transform your small college apartment into a beautiful hub. While some people choose simple and functional bulbs, others prefer different lighting pieces. For example, besides the regular lighting fixtures in a room, you can get a reading light and a floor lamp for enhanced visibility and glam. If you have a little more money to spare, don’t forget to get a chandelier for the dining area.

6. Get Good Towels

A good set of towels is an investment you will need daily for your hygiene purposes. Due to their work, you need to find quality towels that can withstand heavy use and serve you diligently. Some of the best materials include cotton and microfiber for maximum water absorption.

7. Don’t Forget to Get Bathmats and Rugs

A bath mat is important because it is used to protect your floors when you take a shower or bath. These mats should be made with high-quality materials that are easy to clean, waterproof, and long-lasting to last for years. You can also add a few rugs if you want to add some flair to your living space and make it comfortable. Besides, they make the space look more spacious and luxurious.

8. Invest in Some Plants or Flowers for Your Apartment

Some people prefer plants and flowers over rugs for their aesthetics and air quality. Plants are highly beneficial as they help improve the air quality of your apartment and reduce the amount of dust that accumulates on furniture and floors over time.


Moving into a college apartment is adventurous and exciting. It’s a chance to grow as a person while meeting new people and making friends. We hope that the above tips help get you through this transition smoothly.


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Author: Maja Markovski

Maja Markovski

A 35-year-old female architect with a passion for innovative, sustainable design. I blend creativity and functionality to transform spaces into beautiful, practical environments.


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