How to equip your kitchen with zero waste essentials?

Whether it is to reduce waste, to consume more responsibly, or simply to save money, there are many reasons to go zero-waste, especially in the kitchen. This is why we invite you to discover our shopping selection to easily equip your zero-waste kitchen.

Why turn to a zero-waste kitchen?

There are many reasons why we might consider going zero waste, especially in the kitchen. This is probably the room in which there is the most waste. So, to reduce our plastic waste, we can consider doing our shopping in bulk and thus, no more bulky packaging. Also, going to zero waste in the kitchen is an opportunity to save some money at home. You will reduce the weight of your trash can and even build up fertilizer for the garden. But above all, it is an opportunity to fight against waste!

The essentials of a zero-waste kitchen

In a zero-waste kitchen, there are several essential products. These allow you to make a gesture for the planet while saving money with products that last longer. The idea would be above all to reduce the consumption of single-use or disposable products such as sponges, paper towels, etc.

In order to reduce cardboard or plastic packaging, we can turn to glass containers and jars. These are perfect for storing your bulk groceries. Then, replace your classic sponge with tawashi, a zero-waste sponge. A much more ecological alternative! The washable paper towel, meanwhile, is ultra-useful. It allows a surface to be quickly cleaned, washed, and reused over and over again.

Discover here our selection of essential products for a zero-waste kitchen.

A tawashi sponge for a zero-waste kitchen

Glass containers for a zero-waste kitchen

A natural dishwashing brush for a zero-waste kitchen

Marseille soap for a zero-waste kitchen


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