How to Decorate Male Baby’s Room

There’s a little boy coming and you, Dad and Mom, still don’t have a clue how to decorate a male baby’s room? This is not a problem here. We made a complete post with tips, ideals and certain suggestions for you to create a beautiful and charming decoration for the little one.

Male Baby Room Decor: Tips and What Not to Be Missed

Safety, Comfort, and Practicality

The safety, comfort and practicality triad is a fundamental and mandatory part of every children’s room, especially for babies.

This involves an environment where the child can grow up and play safely, free of objects and materials that may pose any danger. So it is always advisable to look for quality furniture and products, made with non-toxic materials and of good origin. After all, you don’t want your six-month-old son playing with screws and nails, do you?

Pay particular attention to comfort as well. Prefer hypoallergenic and non-shedding bedding, the same goes for carpets, curtains, and plush.

Prioritize an environment that is warm and cozy for the baby, but for the parents as well. The little room needs to be intimate and inviting so that the child can enjoy the space with tranquility, which includes a good night’s sleep.

Practicality is also important. As parents, you need an environment that meets the baby’s needs and is functional. Remember you will need to change baby’s diapers, breastfeed, lull, tell stories, play, among other things. That is, the room needs to meet this routine and this dynamic.

Custom Furniture (For Baby)

We know that there is an urge to do and happen in the baby’s room, but be calm and reflect!

The baby grows very fast and you need to have a furniture project that follows the child’s development. Therefore, it is useless to spend a fortune on a cot that will soon be unused.

Much less want to make a tiny planned wardrobe that will also be left unused. Plan the male baby room with your child’s future needs in mind.

If you choose custom or custom furniture, then choose furniture that can be reframed over time. For example, the crib that becomes a bed, the dresser that can become a desk and so on.

This care must be even greater if the room is small, ok?


Lighting is another point that cannot be left aside when decorating the baby boy room. The lighting project should include a good dose of natural light during the day, so large windows in this environment are highly recommended.

During the night you have options for diffuse and indirect lights so that you can see the child and change them, but without the need to wake them up completely.

Fixtures, lampshades, LED strips and directional spots are some of the lighting options for the baby’s room.


The walls of children’s rooms do not live by wallpaper alone. On the contrary! Nowadays there is an immense range of decorative options for the walls, ranging from different paintings to stickers and fabric.

The tip here is to bet on a more worked wall and leave the others in neutral tones or with less information, so the room is not visually overloaded.

Shelves and niches

Shelves and niches are great allies for organizing and decorating the men’s baby room. In these simple structures, it is possible to organize stuffed animals, toys, decorative objects, hygiene items for the child and whatever else is necessary.

And if the room is small, the shelves are even more welcome. Therefore, be sure to invest in these pieces when thinking about decoration.

Carpets and Curtains

Carpets and curtains are not just decorative items. They play an important role in the functionality and practicality of the environment and, therefore, must be well chosen.

Opt for fabric curtains that have the ability to seal out the daylight, so your baby can take that carefree nap in the afternoon.

The rugs, on the other hand, must be rubberized to prevent falls and accidents and, preferably, with soft fur and texture to accommodate the baby’s future games.

Decorative Objects

It may seem irresistible that pile of beautiful little thing that exists to decorate the baby’s room, but don’t fall into that temptation. Have few decorative objects in the room, first because the baby grows fast and loses easy interest in the objects around and, second, you don’t want to cause visual pollution in the environment, do you? Have moderation and choose only punctual pieces to compose the decoration, without exaggeration. 

Themes for Male Baby Room

Another way to start planning the male baby’s room is from themes. With a defined theme, it is easier to define the color palette and the decoration that will involve the environment.

For boys, the most popular room themes are airplane, balloon, safari, dinosaur, The Little Prince, football, music, kite, circus, as well as characters from the children’s universe, such as superheroes, for example, and, of course, no we can fail to mention the daddy’s heart team.












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