How To Create Your Wellness Space At Home

We value more than ever those moments we have to take care of ourselves. The bathroom is conceived as a “temple for the senses” and we give you the tricks to achieve it.

The rhythm of life, every day more, asks us to stop. Our refuge has always been our home, but since this year we have been forced to reconvert it into our work, coexistence, and leisure space, this concept has been relegated to a specific room: the bathroom. Space where you can connect with yourself. The bathroom has become a place to express our emotions and relax our senses.

sanctuary where every detail is taken care of since everyone takes part in creating this atmosphere of comfort and sensory peace. This is how Noken has understood it, which has materialized this idea in the OXO series, through creations such as the taps, the washbasin, or the shower, in which design, functionality, and innovation converge.

Sculptural minimalism

With a modern aesthetic and avant-garde lines, the attraction of these taps lies in the finishes available in noble metals such as chrome, brushed titanium, and black. They are the perfect complement to any sink, providing that unique touch with maximum resistance and greater durability in wet areas.

Also concerned about the environmental impact, the OXO faucet is ECO design, limiting water consumption to a maximum of 5 l / min and, in addition, it has a direct cold opening, controlling the temperature and avoiding the activation of the boiler with the corresponding energy savings. The WaterForest design is thus aligned with the conscious consumption of which Noken is a defender.

A series of pieces that arise under the premise of Leonardo da Vinci “beauty perishes in life but is immortal in art”, and for which each element has been created as a sculpture that lasts over time and offers an experience unique while taking care of ourselves.

Visual continuity and clean lines

The sink is undoubtedly one of the protagonists of the bathroom. With simple lines, there is a clear trend towards the search for greater total harmony between the sink and the countertop. The OXO washbasin thus achieves this homogeneous and elegant visual finish, a sculptural piece covered with XTONE, the sintered mineral, in finishes that are inspired by the most classic natural stone and marble.

XTONE finishes are also available for wall cladding, thus creating 100% integral bathrooms and creating that visual continuity of all the elements.

The Wellness Experience

To complete this wellness experience, the OXO showerhead gives the shower space an exclusive aesthetic level while offering a single-lever shower mixer or thermostatic mixer, available from 2 to 5 water outlets.

A shower head with simple lines and clear reminiscences of spa spaces with a clearly Minimal style with sculptural inspirations following the aesthetics of the taps from the same series. Like this one, the finishes range from matt black or brushed titanium, without forgetting chrome.

To take care of even the smallest detail, the OXO towel dryer has been conceived with the same design as the rest of the elements. Designed for sculptural bathrooms with a geometric character, the straight lines of this accessory create an attractive shape that complements any bathroom, in an electric or water version.


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