How To Create The Coziest Bohemian Kitchen?

It’s time for a search for naturalness in every room of the house. And if there’s a style that’s natural and warm, it’s bohemian indeed! The kitchen is no exception to this growing trend.

For some years now, in this space dedicated to sharing, this exotic style has overshadowed the great classics that make up the essential Scandinavian style and vintage style. Bohemian cuisine is interesting in that it dares to mix and match, authentic materials and charismatic colours like no other. From the countertop to the wall, via the central island, she is not afraid to overdo it to compose a unique and very personal painting. Ceramic tableware, wooden furniture, green plants, rattan chairs, zelliges on the sideboard, vintage paintings… A series of very decorative details – and trendy, easy to find – have the right to sit in the bohemian kitchen. The proof is in the pictures with boho-style kitchens.

A bohemian kitchen with beautiful accents of wood, wicker and jute

Travel! A guaranteed change of scenery in this kitchen that smells of friendly moments and a strong taste for objects with soul. With its arched opening, a chain of jute rugs, braided suspension, speckled table and utterly decorative yellow stripe ceiling, this kitchen offers a perfect glimpse into what an unconventional kitchen can be. A cheerful kitchen that is by no means a static place and is dressed to the point. Rustic chairs unearthed at Emmaus and designer seats, new or antique wicker, waxed concrete and wood furniture, the bohemian kitchen is certainly the mix-and-match kitchen. A space that accepts its rich and varied desires in terms of decoration!

A bohemian wooden kitchen with poetic touches

Unlike designer kitchens, the bohemian kitchen appreciates the conviviality of large wooden tables that are good for gathering. Antique or not, the beautiful wooden table in the bohemian kitchen can be complemented by a few antique country-style chairs. A raised pendant in the shape of a flower decorates the dining area in this kitchen with bohemian accents. Another idea to suggest the presence of a bohemian AND chic kitchen: brass hardware. Naturally warming, this very fashionable material also benefits from incomparable elegance. And yes, the coveted fantasy of bohemian cuisine hardly prevents elegance.











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Author: Renata Kralevska


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