How To Create A Natural Decor In Your Living Room?

The natural atmospheres are among those that you prefer at the moment in the world of decoration. It must be said that by playing with plant fibers, it is quite easy to create a warm and fresh decor, ideal for resting at home in any season.

Today, we invite you to discover how to play with the codes of natural decoration in your living room thanks to our ideas and inspirations. Armchair, accessories, furniture, lighting, … a look at all our tips for adopting the natural style in your home!

Natural material furniture for the living room

For starters, you can easily bring nature into your living room by adopting plant-based furniture.

For example, you can install a pretty rattan armchair in your room and easily add a natural note to your room. This type of chair is particularly trendy, you will have no trouble finding the one you need. 

If you don’t have the space to add a new armchair, a small stool will do the job perfectly and allow you to enjoy additional seating to enjoy an evening with friends or family.

Play with natural materials on the living room walls

Then, you can continue to play with natural materials in your living room by decorating your walls. Shelf, decorative plate, basket, don’t hesitate to play the accumulation card.

Thus, you can for example install a wall shelf in rattan cane or herbarium. Chosen in a round version, it will be perfect to bring softness to your room. You can then install some pretty plants and other small decorative objects.

To add some elements to the walls of your living room, you can also hang pretty decorative plates. Again, choose models in natural fibers to accentuate the vegetal spirit of your room while adding a little bohemian note, particularly trendy at the moment.

Finally, do not hesitate to divert some objects and hang them on the walls to finalize your wall decoration. A few round seagrass placemats will be perfect to finish off your natural-looking wall!


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