How To Combine Tiles And Parquet In The Same Room?

Does your heart swing between tiles and parquet? Why choose? The ultimate trend is for the striking association between the refinement of wood and the infallible modernity of mineral coatings. Ideal in a humid room, passage or simply to meet your desires to mix and match, the marriage between two types of floors has many advantages.

Why choose the combination of tiles and parquet?

The decompartmentalization of rooms is on the rise in our interiors. If the kitchen opens to the living room or the bathroom located in the bedroom can save square meters (real or visual), these types of development nevertheless require contrasting and well thought out boundaries. This is where soil marriage comes into play.

Easier to maintain than parquet, tiling, cement tiles, or even terrazzo naturally find their place near stoves and water points. Rather than betting on a single type of floor, the mix of coverings first marks a separation between the different spaces without partitioning, then combines reality and parquet desires. Also, in a place of passage such as an entrance or a corridor, a “carpet” of tiling makes it possible to preserve the parquet whose fragility is no longer to be demonstrated while playing the card of singularity. Finally, integrating a tiling part in the middle of a wooden floor offers the possibility of accentuating the presence of an element: a bathtub, a sink, or a fireplace.

How to combine parquet and tiles?

To join parquet and tiles, several solutions are necessary. The first is the threshold bar. Classic but extremely effective, it is dressed in wood, metal, brass, or plastic and plays matchmaker with ease in every room of the house. The second is to create a step to physically delimit the spaces. The last is a more worked transition where the tiling randomly encroaches on the parquet. Hexagonal tiles, mosaics, and zelliges allow, by their frank forms, highly original cuts. On the color side, the floors allow themselves all the fantasies: colored cement tiles and honey parquet, continuous monochrome between ebony wood and black tiles, the contrasting combination between patterns, and more subtle flat areas.








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