How to Combine Terracotta Color

Cozy, warm, and welcoming, the terracotta color invite you to have a good time in your own home.

The terracotta color lies between the palette of oranges and browns with a slight hint of red. The resulting tone is very close to the natural color of the clay, the clay bricks, and those clay floors of the interior houses.

And that is why it is perfect for integrating comfortable, cozy, and intimate environments, where natural elements are the highlight.

What colors does terracotta match?

But for everything to work out it is important to know how to combine the terracotta color with the other colors present in the environment.

A simple task, don’t worry, after all, the terracotta color has a certain “what” of neutrality, and this makes it easily adjust to a wide variety of colors. Check out the colors that best match the terracotta below:


White is the color of neutrality and when combined with terracotta, it creates a classic and elegant atmosphere, but without losing the warmth and natural comfort of the composition.

The duo also works very well in the case of small environments, where the intention is to create breadth without giving up the use of colors.


The combination of gray and terracotta is modern and welcoming at the same time. A mix of incredible sensations to look at.

The best part of this composition is that it totally escapes the obvious and the ordinary.

The duo is perfect in modern, contemporary environments that inspire elegance.


But if the intention is to create warm, romantic, and super inviting environments, then the best bet is on the composition between pink and terracotta. This pair forms a kind of tone on tone in the environments.

A tip: bet on the shades of aged pink or burnt pink for the composition to be even more amazing.


The terracotta color is super comfortable alongside the shades of green since both colors refer to natural elements.

The combination is also perfect for rustic-style decorations. And, depending on the shade of green used, the pair may become warmer and more relaxed or more sober and sophisticated, as is the case with shades of closed and dark green.


There is no mistaking the classic composition between beige and terracotta. The duo is elegant, timeless, and walks very well among various decorative styles, especially those more linked to a modern rustic proposal, such as boho, for example.

Here, it is worth betting on beige as the base of the environment and then highlights it with the terracotta color.


The mustard color, as well as the terracotta, is linked to the elements of nature and for that very reason, they form a perfect pair when it comes to creating cozy and warm environments.

The tip is to bet on the mix of tones and mix them evenly throughout the environments.

Linked to the land, as its name suggests, the terracotta color brings nature inland without much effort.

How about being inspired now with images of environments decorated in terracotta? We selected 10inspirations to make anyone in love with the color. Come and see:












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