How To Combine And Use Pastel Yellow Color In Your Home

Smooth, warm, and welcoming. This is pastel yellow. A tone that comes softly and conquers all the decor.  And if you are also a fan of pastel yellow, stay here in this post with us. Let’s help you use that perfect tone there at your house

Pastel yellow color: how to combine

The key to getting this color right is knowing how to match it correctly to achieve your goal.

For this, it is important to understand a little the concept of colors and how they interact with each other. Yellow, in general, is a warm, primary color, situated between red and green within the chromatic circle.  Therefore, you can choose to use yellow combined with analogous colors, that is, those colors that are immediately next to yellow, which, in this case, are precisely red and green.

For a warm and warm composition, the combination of yellow and red is a good choice. But be careful. The two colors together are pure energy and transmit a lot of dynamism, even being used in softer tones.  Therefore, use it sparingly and preferably with some neutral color involved, such as white, for example.  In addition to red, orange also works very well with yellow. Care, however, must be the same. Be careful when combining colors so as not to create very stimulating environments. 

Unlike red, there is green. A softer, fresher color by nature. Next to pastel yellow, green helps bring calm and tranquility, like a sunny day in the park. A balanced and superharmonic composition.

Pastel yellow can also be combined with complementary colors, that is, those that are in opposition in the chromatic circle. Here, the best option is blue. And in this case, it’s worth betting between yellow and pastel blue to create a delicate and fresh space. Other good options for combinations with pastel yellow are wood tones, especially those lighter and more delicate. White is also another sure bet to work with pastel yellow, especially in delicate and youthful environments. 

But if the intention is to bring a touch of modernity to spaces, then throw yourself between pastel yellow and gray in the composition. Despite the contrast, these two colors together have a lot to offer your decorating project.

Where and how to use pastel yellow

The pastel yellow tone is democratic and combines with various decor proposals, as well as different environments, ranging from the children’s room to the dining room.  In children’s rooms, for example, it is common to see pastel yellow decorating the walls, either in a painting or in wallpaper.  In double rooms, pastel yellow can be on the bed linen, headboard, or decorative details such as a blanket, pillows, and rug. 

In the living room, a good choice for pastel yellow is the sofa. That’s right! A pastel yellow sofa escapes the obvious while being cozy and welcoming, conveying personality and originality. Color can even be used to complement wall paint or on curtains, pillows, and rugs.  The dining room is another space that can receive pastel yellow. In this environment, try using the color on the chairs around the table or as a supporting element in the decoration, making your presence felt in a painting or the lamp.  Another great place to insert pastel yellow is in the kitchen. The warm and welcoming tone is perfect for this intimate space in the house. Pastel yellow can be used in kitchen furniture, wall coverings, and, of course, in kitchen accessories and utensils, ensuring an extra and charming charm for the environment. 

Want another good place to decorate with pastel yellow? The bathroom! Yes, the bathroom can get an incredible touch with color and you don’t even need to make big changes. One tip is to paint the coatings in color using epoxy paint. Pastel yellow can also be inserted in the details, such as organizer baskets, hygiene kits, among others. 

And what about taking the pastel yellow to the outside area of ​​the house? The porch, the entrance hall, the garden, and the barbecue area are all great spaces to combine pastel yellow and enjoy better contact with nature.

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