How To Choose The Toy Shelves For Your Children’s Room

If toys in your house seem to have a life of their own, then it’s time to look for a solution to keep everything in place. And a good tip for this is the toy shelf. This type of bookcase allows toys to be organized while helping to complement the children’s room decor.

Come see the tips and ideas we’ve separated:

Safety and durability

The first precaution you need to take when choosing the shelf to organize children’s toys is safety.

Children are always climbing and hanging on to everything. Therefore, prefer a bookcase made of resistant and durable material, such as wood, metal, or MDF. Preferably, see if the model has the option of being bolted to the wall. This way, even if the child climbs the shelf, there is no risk of the furniture falling on it.


The toy shelf will be used by children, right? Therefore, it needs to be accessible and planned for the little ones. Ideally, it should be low, so that the child can easily see and pick up their toys.

In addition to being safer, this shelf model brings more autonomy to the child.

shelf size

The height and width of the top shelf must be proportional to the number of toys the child has to store. Otherwise, the mess continues. To help organize the toy shelf, the tip is to use boxes or baskets for smaller items.

On the other hand, larger toys that the child uses the most can be exposed.

Where the shelf will be placed

Parents often place the toy shelf in their children’s room. But is this the place where they play the most?

How about now calling the kids to see together the following ideas for toy shelves that we’ve separated? They’ll like it as much as you, look!











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