How To Choose The Right White Chair For Your Home

Modern, classic, rustic, and even retro. When it comes to white chairs, the sky is the limit! Despite the apparent simplicity, the white chair goes well with everything and never disappoints. It is no wonder that this is one of the most popular, loved, and beloved chair models in the world of decoration.

So let’s take this iconic piece into your decor too?

How to choose the white chair?


Before falling in love with one or the other white chair model, you must have in mind the place where the piece will be placed. The environment makes all the difference. If the intention is to use the white chair in the dining room, it needs to match the table, for example. But if the goal is to use the white chair in the home office or the office, then it is essential to appreciate comfort and ergonomics.

Make this first analysis before defining the most suitable white chair model.


A quick search on the internet and you will already realize the immense variety of white chair models available. That’s where the doubt lies: which one to choose?  To help in choosing, evaluate the environment (as we mentioned above), but also try to “match” the chair model with its decoration. Some models are very modern, while others bring a classic touch.

The white Eames chair, for example, fits perfectly with contemporary environments, from those with Scandinavian aesthetics to minimalist and industrial. An upholstered white wooden chair, on the other hand, harmonizes better with classic and sophisticated environments.

Ease of cleaning

There is no point in wanting to escape from that item. At one time or another, you will need to clean your white chairs, and then you’ve seen it, right? The simpler this cleaning is, the better!

Therefore, the choice of the white chair must also go through this issue. In environments such as the dining room and the living room, for example, it is natural for the chair to mess up more. In rooms and home offices, on the other hand, it is possible to maintain cleanliness for a longer time, since few people use it.  In general, wooden chairs and upholstered in waterproof material, such as leather and corino, are the easiest to clean. In contrast, white chairs with fabric upholstery tend to absorb dirt more.

Here are some ideas for white chairs to use in your home decor:











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Author: Renata Kralevska

Renata Kralevska

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