How To Choose The Right Frame Shelf For Your Home

Frame place is on the wall, right? Not always! One of the biggest decoration trends of the moment is the picture shelves. They bring an extra charm to the exhibition of paintings and guarantee a touch of modernity to the decoration.

Picture shelf: what is different from the others?

The picture shelf is not simple. It has some special features, the main one being depth. 

In general, frame racks are narrow and do not exceed four inches in depth. Another feature is the channel present on these shelves. This detail is more than decorative, it has a very useful function which is not letting the frame “slip”. 

Frame racks also usually feature only neutral colors, such as white, black, gray, or woody. And this has a reason: these colors value the arts exhibited instead of “fighting” them for attention.  Want to know more about frame racks? So keep following the post with us.

How to use the frame shelf in environments

Picture shelves can be used anywhere in the house, but the preferred environments are often the living room, dining room, and bedrooms. 

In these environments, the most recommended places for installing a rack for paintings are those with greater emphasis and visual appeals, such as the wall at the head of the bed, the wall of the TV or sofa, or the wall opposite the dining table, for example. Shelf installation must follow the same basic rules used for the traditional display of paintings. That is, install it at eye level, about 1.60 above the floor. 

In the case of shelves for paintings that will be above sofas and beds, it is recommended that the piece be installed at least thirty centimeters high above these pieces of furniture. Frame shelves can be used alone or together with other shelves placed side by side or one above the other, forming horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines. 

In large rooms with large furniture, the tip is to use a shelf that follows the length of the furniture, creating unity and visual harmony.  This type of large shelf can be used on racks in the living room or accompanying a buffet in the dining room. 

The whiteboard shelf can also be used to visually integrate home environments such as the living room and kitchen or living room and dining room. In this case, just bet on using a shelf big enough to cross these two spaces, making them connect. 











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