How to choose the right fireplace?

A charming jewel in your decoration, additional heating and a gathering place for family moments, the fireplace is warm in every way. However, to choose it well, you need to know the different types of fireplaces and find the one that best suits you.

Open fireplace, closed fireplace or insert?

Opt for an open fireplace if you enjoy watching the flames dance and listening to the fire crackle. However, this type of fireplace heats only a little, since only 10 to 15% of the energy generated diffuses into the room through radiation.

For heating, it is better to prefer closed chimneys or inserts. A closed hearth consists of a combustion chamber made of cast iron or refractory bricks, closed by glazing resistant to high temperatures. There are also two-flame fireplaces that convert smoke into heat even better. Finally, the liner allows the performance of an existing open hearth fireplace to be optimized by adding a liner (or cassette), a closed hearth with a flat top that converts the fresh surrounding air to heat it and then uses convection to warm it into the chimney’s upper part, which then distributes the heat throughout the room.

Chimney with or without a chimney?

Rustic fireplace with wood panelling, authentic fireplace with marble panelling or designer fireplace? There are fireplaces for all interior styles, from the most massive to the most subtle. When traditional fireplaces require the presence or installation of a vent, you can also install a ventless chimney at home by choosing a gas fireplace (select models), ethanol fireplace, or electric fireplace. These latest models, practical and aesthetic, bring the comfort of a fire without the limitations associated with the traditional fireplace.

Chimney sweep, the key to good chimney maintenance

Who says fireplace says maintenance? Regular sweeping of the chimney, which consists in removing soot and deposits from the chimney draft by cleaning its inner wall, is mandatory. The relevant regulations are established at the local level by either prefectural or municipal decrees. It generally needs to be done at least once a year but can be more regular. The service, carried out by a professional, takes about twenty minutes and costs between 40 and 80 euros depending on the provider. He will then give you a return receipt for safekeeping. If you rent, sweeping is your responsibility.

To make the right choice of a fireplace, in our dedicated file you will find all our articles to help you in this investment.


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Author: Renata Kralevska

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