How To Choose The Perfect Shower Screen?

Summer is a good time to reform the house taking advantage of the holidays and have everything ready for the return of summer. And without a doubt, the stars of the reforms are those that seek to transform the kitchen or the bathroom.

If you are thinking of reforming the bathroom to save space and make it much more practical, you may have considered changing your bathtub for a shower tray. And in this process, installing a shower screen is a key aspect when it comes to achieving more space in this room.

Tips for choosing the most suitable bathroom screen

When choosing the screen, certain aspects must be taken into account to make it suitable for your bathroom both in terms of style and size. In addition, you also have to take into account size, or technical details to install a screen that has the greatest possible durability.

We have extracted three tips so that you can buy the perfect bathroom screen. 

1. Safety first

Home security is a key aspect. And when choosing a bathroom screen, even more so if we want to avoid accidents. In this sense, José María Barrios explains that “It is essential that glass complies with EN 14428 since by chance it suffers an accident or a violent blow, we make sure that the fragments cannot harm us.”

2. Maximize space

To ensure that the screen fits into the space, it is best to draw a plan with the measurements of the shower configuration. If the bathroom is not very large, the best way to optimize space is to install a sliding screen. If you have space, the ideal is an open screen that incorporates a drying area.

3. Anti-limescale treatment yes or yes

There is nothing more annoying than seeing the bathroom screen full of drops and debris at all hours. To try to avoid it, the anti-limescale treatment is the best ally of your screen. This treatment does not imply giving up cleaning the screen, but it will help you to clean it 100% effectively. For the Strohm Teka expert“Choosing an anti-scale treatment will help a fantastic cleaning since, at the moment, there is no self-cleaning screen”.

If you are thinking of doing reforms in your bathroom, August may be a good time since you can take advantage of the holidays to make the changes you need and have the house ready for the return of summer.


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