How to Choose the Perfect Kitchen Chandelier?

Is there anything better than combining functionality and beauty in one piece? Kitchen chandeliers fulfill this dual function perfectly. With them, you light up the kitchen and still guarantee that finishing touch to the decor. And the best part is that today there is a huge diversity of kitchen chandeliers, which vary in color, shape, size, and, of course, in price.

Are you interested in the subject? Then come follow the post with us. We will help you choose the perfect chandelier for your kitchen.

How to Choose the Chandelier for the Kitchen?

Ideal Size

The ideal size for the kitchen chandelier depends on, guess what? the size of the kitchen! The piece must be proportional to space, therefore, small kitchens, such as apartment ones, ask for small chandeliers and large kitchens ask for large chandeliers. Is that always the rule? It doesn’t always depend on the style you want to create in the kitchen. For example, the industrial style accommodates larger chandeliers that refer to factory sheds, even if the kitchen is small. But it is necessary to have common sense in this choice and, above all, to know very well what you want to create in order not to have mistakes. When in doubt, follow the proportion rule.

Where to Put It

The most common places for placing chandeliers for the kitchen area on the countertop of the sink, the bar, or centered in the environment. The best location will also depend on the style of the kitchen and the proposed lighting. It may be that your intention with the chandelier is just to create a point of light directed towards the counter, or else the chandelier may be the central point of the lighting. Have a lighting project on hand to define exactly what the chandelier will do and where it will be placed.

Ideal Chandelier Height

The chandelier must not be close to the ceiling, but it must also not be at a height that hinders people’s movement and movement. The ideal is to keep the chandelier at a distance above people, without generating excessive shadows or impairing vision. However, if you use it on the countertop or counter, it is possible to position them a little lower than recommended.

Colors and Formats

The color and shape of the chandelier should be thought of from the decorating style prevalent in the kitchen. Light, neutral and sober colors combine with different styles, but especially with classic, modern and elegant decorations. The chandeliers with stronger and more vibrant colors charge the environment with energy and refer to a more informal, young, and stripped decoration.

Kitchen chandeliers can also take on different shapes, such as pendant, chandelier, elongated, spider, or circular type. Choose the one that best matches your project.

Is One Enough?

Depending on the size of the kitchen, a single chandelier is sufficient, but if the kitchen is large or the chandelier is small it is possible to bet on a set of two or three chandeliers arranged in a line. This type of composition is modern and further enhances the ambient lighting.

Care of the Kitchen Chandelier

When buying the kitchen chandelier evaluate what will be the necessary care with it. A kitchen is a place that naturally exhales smoke, odors, and fats through the air and all of this will stop directly in the chandelier. Therefore, depending on the material, you will need to dedicate a few hours just to perform cleaning and maintenance.

What do you think about closing this post with a golden key and checking out 9 images of kitchens decorated with chandeliers? Surely one of them will inspire you, check it out:











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