How To Choose The Kitchen Cabinet That Will Perfectly Fit?

The kitchen cabinet is the protagonist of one of the most important environments in the house. His presence is a guarantee of a complete kitchen, both in terms of design and layout, as well as functionality and comfort. Therefore, it is very important to know how to choose the right kitchen cabinet. And guess what?

We brought all the tips and ideas to help you on this mission. Keep following.

How to choose the kitchen cabinet


It may seem a bit obvious to talk about it, but having a set budget when choosing your kitchen cabinet makes all the difference.

First, in addition to the closet, you will also have to worry about other elements of this environment, such as appliances and utensils. Therefore, the budget guarantees that your kitchen will look beautiful and complete. What’s more, there is a huge infinity of cabinet options, from the simplest and most basic models to those with refined finishes and the latest fashion. In order not to get lost among them and risk going into debt, calculate your budget.

kitchen layout

Another fundamental point, but which many people end up leaving aside, is the kitchen layout. And here we are not just talking about measures and dimensions of an environment. When choosing the kitchen cabinet, it is also important to pay attention to the location of outlets, water points, and switches, for example.

The tip here is: take the measurements of the kitchen and make a sketch noting where all these details are located.

Functionality and comfort

The kitchen cabinet also needs to be chosen based on its features. It needs to be of adequate height for the residents. You can’t keep climbing stairs every time you need to get a glass, for example. Or even banging your head on the doors because they are in the way.

Write them all down. It could be, for example, that you have selected more kitchen cabinets with straight lines and a clean finish. So, this is a strong indication that your style is modern. But if you notice a lot of solid wood elements, for example, your favorite decorative style is rustic.

It may even be that the colors are the biggest highlight of your references. Keep doing this analysis until you reach a consensus on what you like best and, thus, know exactly what you want to take home.

Kitchen Cabinet Colors

The cabinet is the main element of the kitchen. It takes up most of the walls and can even extend to the center island or under counters and benches. Therefore, the color and texture are decisive in the composition of the cabinet. The use of too dark colors, for example, can suffocate, flatten and smother the kitchen.

If you want kitchen furniture in these tones, make sure it is well lit and choose to insert light colors into other elements such as floors and walls. Kitchen furniture in light colors, on the other hand, helps to create a feeling of spaciousness, being very suitable for small kitchens. Also, did you know that white furniture is cheaper? Here’s the tip!

Another very popular option at the moment is colorful kitchen cabinets. They bring personality, style, and a touch of originality and creativity to the décor. Pastel tones such as blue, mint green, and pink are delicate and can even take on a vintage aesthetic depending on the other elements of the design. While more closed colors, such as petroleum blue and emerald green, are pure sophistication and glamour.

Here are photos of beautiful kitchen cabinet inspirations that will make you daydream:












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