How To Choose The Ideal Dog Bed

A good bed for dogs has to be comfortable for them and beautiful for you. But beyond that, there are other important details to note before making or buying your best friend’s bed.

Keep following the post with us and find out how to choose the right model of the dog bed.

How important is the dog bed?


One of the main reasons you should invest in a bed for your dog is comfortable, especially on cold days.  The bed is synonymous with a warm, soft place for your puppy to shelter on cold nights, but it’s also great for your pussy to relax in after a walk.


Your pet’s health is also grateful for a bed. This is because the bed can prevent joint problems in the animal, something common in dogs that lie on the floor most of the time.  Another recurrent problem in dogs that can be avoided with the use of a bed is calluses on the joints. 

Known as decubitus bed sores, this type of callus is an adaptive reaction of the animal’s skin to friction with hard, rough surfaces. What usually happens to dogs that usually sleep directly on the floor.  

Notion of territory

Animals, especially dogs, are territorial by nature. They will always look for a place in the house to mark as territory. It could be your bed or your sofa.  The inconvenience of this attitude, however, is the fact that the animal ends up becoming aggressive if someone decides to get close to what it considers to be territory. 

The dog bed can be a good alternative to avoid this problem and, thus, you can receive your visitors in peace.


The dog bed also represents well-being and a sense of security for the animal. You can bet that’s where you go when someone he doesn’t feel comfortable with or when you reprimand him for some reason.

Easy cleaning

The daily cleaning of the house is also much easier with the dog bed. 

How to choose a dog bed?

Animal size

The size of your dog is one of the most important points to be analyzed when choosing a bed. It can’t be too big that the dog feels lonely and awkward, nor too small that he can’t even change position. The ideal is that the bed has enough space for your pet to be able to take at least a little walk (the ones they always take before finding the position to sleep).

When in doubt, take a measuring tape and measure your dog and the space he takes up while he sleeps. Another tip: watch the way your dog sleeps most of the time. Some pussies like to spread out and be comfortable, while others prefer to sleep curled up. 

It’s also important to keep in mind if the pet will still grow. If you are buying a puppy bed, it is worth paying attention to whether his breed is the type that grows a lot or not. So, you can predict how big it will be when it’s an adult.

Pet health

This tip is very valid for older dog owners. Over the years, it is natural that domestic animals begin to show health problems. Some dogs may suffer from pain in the joints, in the spine, or have difficulties in walking. 

In these cases, the ideal is to choose a bed that meets your pet’s health needs. In general, they should be accessible to the animal, that is, it needs to be short so that the pet can get in and out easily. 

Ease of cleaning

Choose a dog bed that is easy to clean. This means giving preference to non-absorbent materials, such as nylon, for example, or waterproof fabrics. Beds with a removable cover are also good options to keep your pet’s corner always clean.

Material used in manufacturing

Be careful with the material used to manufacture the bed. If your dog is the type that likes to chew things, then prefer more resistant models and avoid materials that wear out too quickly.

Where the walk will be is also important. Plastic ones, for example, should not be left in the sun because they get too hot. If you live in a cold region, prefer beds made of cozy and warm materials, such as wood, for example.

House decoration

Your furry friend might not have any aesthetic sense, but you sure do. In this case, choose a bed that matches your decor. Dog beds are generally placed in social places in the house, where pets like to stay. 

And then you can’t think of a beautiful decoration with that bed that makes you want to hide, right? Just in case, opt for plain and unprinted models, this way, the bed can more easily integrate into the decor.

How about now check out some more dog bed ideas? Get inspired and give this gift to your four-legged friend.











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