How to Choose The Best Dining Room Mirror + Image Inspirations

Nothing better than a beautiful mirror to enhance any dining room, large or small. This is because, in addition to the decorative effect, the mirror also fulfills a very important function that is to enlarge and illuminate the environments. 

How to use and choose a dining room mirror

Before choosing the model, size and shape of the dining room mirror it is important to know better the space that will receive it, that is, pay attention to the measurements of your room, the decorative style that predominates in the environment and what are your intentions with the mirror. 


The decorating style of your dining room will also guide you in choosing the mirror, especially with regard to the frame. For classic-style dining rooms, prefer wood-framed mirrors and even those with carved designs. In modern-style dining rooms, frameless or thin-framed mirrors in neutral tones – black and white – are best suited.


Once you know the dimensions of the dining room and which style predominates in the environment you should ask yourself why you use a mirror. Will it be a purely decorative piece or will it be used to enlarge and brighten the room? If it is just decorative, carefully choose the frame and place it in a prominent place in front of a well decorated wall.


What about the size of the dining room mirror? Do you know which one to choose? A small dining room should avoid full length mirrors as too much glare can make the environment even smaller. Prefer small and medium size mirrors placed over dressers or at the dining table level. The over-sized mirrors are a different beautiful story that can be used too.

The best ways to use the mirror in the dining room is all over the wall, varied composition, in line with the dining table, or maybe you can try straight on the floor.

Here are the mirror inspirations:


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