How to Choose New Home Builders in Jacksonville FL?

Building a house does not begin with the purchase of materials or the creation of a foundation, but with the choice of a project and a company that will build your dream home.

So, how to choose reliable new home builders in Jacksonville FL, and what is important to pay attention to?

What to pay attention to?

What to look for when choosing a construction company? We recommend paying attention to the following criteria:

  • presence of the company’s official website (check its convenience, if it is filled out or not;
  • what services are offered to customers;
  • the number of typical projects should be at least 3-4, but the more, the better;
  • company experience – how many years on the market, the number of completed projects;
  • openness of the builder – possibility to visit the office, see photos of the construction process, etc.;
  • customer reviews, how long ago they were left;
  • presence of any necessary information about the timing of the work, services, guarantees, and materials used in the construction of the house;
  • whether the company is a manufacturer of materials;
  • whether they hire an independent technical supervision specialist who will control the processes and monitor the quality of the work performed.

Also, if you want to choose a reliable new home builder in Jacksonville, you need to monitor the market, study companies on different review websites, and social networks, and only after that contact the future contractor directly.

Beginning of work

An important nuance at the beginning of cooperation is the estimate. The customer must clearly understand how much the construction of housing will cost. Clarity is important in the document: how much and where you have to spend and why.

Verified firms do not change the amounts, and do not force their customers to pay extra in excess of what is indicated in the estimate. This is acceptable only if the customer themselves made changes to the project, which entailed additional costs.


The choice of a building company should be approached with the utmost responsibility, having carefully studied the necessary information about services, experience, and completed projects.

You can first assess the reliability of the company on the site, but it will not be superfluous to visit the office, talk with managers, and look at the implementation of objects using real photos or in person.

The contractor must inspire confidence by offering a reasonable price. A reliable home built by experienced craftsmen from quality materials cannot be cheap.


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