How To Choose And Get Inspired By The Armless Sofa

With straight lines and a modern look, the armless sofa arrived arriving in the interior decoration.

Nowadays it is more and more common to come across such a model out there. So much so that you will probably be interested in one of them, too, agree? So, stay here with us and we’ll give you all the reasons in the world to take this beauty home. Come and see!

Why have an armless sofa? 5 advantages of this model

Little information, a lot of styles

One of the main characteristics of the armless sofa is its clean, slim, and elegant shape, where the excess of details gives way to a more functional and minimalist structure. Generally, this type of sofa has a straight and continuous design, contributing to modern and sophisticated furniture.

Perfect for small environments

The “slim” shape of the armless sofa puts it as one of the best options for small rooms.

The simple design and without great visual information contributes to the feeling of space and spaciousness of the environment, even more, when the furniture is combined with light colors. If you choose a retractable sofa, it is also essential to know the free area available to open and close the sofa, otherwise, it is quite possible that it will end up hitting the rack and you will not be able to use it properly.

What do you need?

After taking all the measurements, analyze your needs and try to fit them in the armless sofa models available on the market today. And if by chance you can’t balance this scale, the solution may be to have a custom-made copy made.

Fabric x style x price

Another key factor when choosing the armless sofa is the fabric used in the lining. But here it is important to pay attention to three points: the type of fabric, the decorative style, and the price.

This is because the choice between one fabric and the other will directly impact your budget and of course in your interior design. The noblest fabrics, like linen, for example, are perfect for different types of decoration, however, it is one of the most expensive. Suede, on the other hand, is a more affordable option and also serves several decorative proposals well.

You can also choose fabrics such as jacquard, leather, synthetic leather, velvet, denim, and waterproofs, recommended for outdoor areas, such as balconies and gardens.

Room decoration

And finally, but super important: always try to maintain harmony between the decor of your room (or another chosen environment) with the design of your armless sofa. Before buying, make a good analysis of the surrounding environment. Notice which colors are used and how they relate to each other, the type of material that predominates in the decoration (wood, glass, metal, etc.), and the accessories used together, such as carpets, curtains, and cushions.

The sofa is one of the most important parts of decorating an environment, not only for its size and the area it occupies but for the function that this furniture plays. Therefore, in addition to being beautiful, it must be functional, harmonious, and comfortable.

How about now check out 10 projects that have invested in the style and modernity of the armless sofa? Just take a look:












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