How to Brighten Up a Room with Wall Art Stickers

Interior décor is incomplete without a few personalized aspects. While many feel simple paint and furniture liven up the room, there are several beautiful ways you can spruce up the entire area. One such fabulous and inexpensive way is to get some wall art stickers. These are budget-friendly, readily available, and quick to install. They are also unique and are known to be great conversation starters.

Most interior decorators prefer several options when deciding on schemes for specific rooms. Wall stickers help cover the walls in a beautiful and individualized manner. Wall friendly stickers help liven up a room, office space, a home, a restaurant, or any place that needs a quick pick up.

What to Consider before Putting up Wall Stickers?

Understanding the aesthetic of the area or space is considered the most crucial aspect of putting up wall stickers. The reasoning behind this is quite simple. Placing appropriate wall stickers helps enhance the area and makes it liveable or usable. Do not place bathroom stickers with water and bubbles in a workspace or office space. Flowers, murals, and things depicting fruits and vegetables are acceptable in homes and maybe some restaurants, but not for corporate offices or conference rooms.

Funny wall art, photo art images, animals, animated characters, fruit pics, and so on are great for spaces in the house like the kitchen, children’s rooms, and so on. Playful and colourful image stickers should also be used only at home. It’s worth checking out the ways you can brighten up a room with Aspect Wall Art wall stickers.

Kids Room Stickers:

Kids’ rooms have to be kept cheerful and happy at all times. You should avoid gloomy and dark shades and colours in kids rooms. The most challenging aspect of designing and decorating children’s rooms is that their tastes keep changing year on year. As they grow, they develop new interests and hobbies and tend to ignore earlier ones. They also start observing all the things that elders, elder siblings, or friends do, and start developing the same interests.

For such reasons, having the option to change the wall stickers and keep the design and décor fresh each year is very important. Since wall stickers are easy to clean, maintain, and change, it is possible to put fresh ones and remove earlier ones each year. The cost of the stickers and the installation is also inexpensive. Colourful stickers are ideal when children are of a very young age and need an introduction to different shapes, colours, patterns, and objects. Butterflies, rainbows, animated characters, and so on make great stickers. As children grow older, including schemes of music, art, hobbies, and so on is beneficial.

Living Rooms Stickers:

Living room wall stickers are incredibly versatile and should be chosen to represent neutral themes and colours. You can easily brighten up the living room with nature stickers or pink flowers, yellow flowers, or sun-themed stickers. You can spruce up a living room wall with a few strategically placed bright stickers that eliminate any dark shadowy spots or corners.

Lit lamp shade stickers in dark corners will instantly brighten up the living room, and allow for a sense of space. Many people prefer abstract animal and bird wall stickers for their living rooms since these types of wall art stickers are known to be excellent conversation starters.

Bathroom Wall Stickers:

Bathroom stickers should depict quirky yet elegant tastes. If the bathrooms are defined for single person use, then you could set the wall stickers according to age and preference. If you need stickers for a child’s bathroom, then adding bubbles, stickers depicting the underwater animals or small crabs and so on can be used.

For adult bathrooms or guest bathrooms, you could use beach and water stickers, sand stickers, stickers of sunsets at the beach, and so on.

Kitchen Wall Stickers:

Since the kitchen is usually the busiest, most visited place in the house, the stickers in the kitchen should enhance the overall feel and ambience. Many people prefer kitchen stickers depicting food elements like onions, carrots, tomatoes, or stickers of pots and pans. Some people also like depictions of tea sets, crockery and cutlery scenes, and so on.

The colours and sizes of the stickers should be dependent on the backsplash and cabinet patterns. Avoid purchasing stickers that are garishly decorated with too many glitter spots. Some wall stickers with additional textures may accumulate dirt and grime in the kitchen. These are usually fine for other areas of the house.


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