How To Assemble The Toy Library Your Kids Will Absolutely Love

Jump, run, climb, paint… Let there be energy when you are a child! But in times when the order is to stay at home, how is it possible to offer all that to children? With a toy library! This is the perfect space for children to have fun safely and freely indoors. And if you want to know how to build a toy library, we’ll tell you in this post. Come and see.

the toy library is extremely necessary for better emotional, cognitive, motor, and psychological development. Not to mention that this space is also a great opportunity for interaction between the child and the parents since there they can develop activities together. The toy library is also important from the point of view of playing safely since in this space the child does not encounter dangerous obstacles for playing.

Do you want another incentive to adopt the toy library? Then write down: this space considerably reduces the mess of toys around the house, since everything will be gathered in one place.

How to assemble a toy library 

Set the location

The first thing you need to do is define the place where the toy library will be set up. The ideal is to set aside a room in the house just for this space. Do you know that vague or underused environment? So this could be the perfect place. But if you don’t have any spare space at home, that’s fine too. The toy library can be set up inside the child’s room.

And if you have two or more kids, consider setting up a bedroom and turning the other into a playroom.

Children’s age

The age of the children will drive the planning of the toy library. In general, the smaller the child, the more visual and sensory stimuli he needs. Older children, on the other hand, need a space to develop fine motor activities, such as painting, drawing, and crafting, as well as space to spend energy.

If the toy library you are planning to set up is intended for more than one child, try to include all age groups and, if possible, even invest in a smooth between the spaces starting from the children’s ages.


All space aimed at children needs to be secure. Therefore, invest in window protection screens and place a small gate with a lock, if the toy library is located on an upper floor near the stairs. To prevent falls and slips, use rubberized floor mats. Avoid furniture with corners or that can be scaled. And no sharp or piercing objects.

Free space

Resist the temptation to fill the playroom with furniture and decorative objects. Children need space to play and have fun. So the tip here is less is more.


Comfort is another essential item in the toy library. In this sense, rugs, pillows, mats, and curtains are essential.

The mats ensure thermal comfort, especially in the case of ceramic floors that are cooler. The pillows and mattresses are perfect to equip the reading corner, while the curtains help to block the excess light from the window.

Reading corner

Don’t miss the opportunity to set up a reading corner for the children. It can be something very simple, the important thing is that it works. Put some pillows on the floor and a niche on the wall to organize the books and that’s it. If you want to add an extra touch to this space, consider setting up a cabin and installing a light fixture.

Activity panel

With so much space, children will be full of creativity. But what to do with all the designs and creations they invented? Mount a panel or mural.

In addition to being part of the decoration of the space, this panel also brings self-esteem to the children.

Natural light

Natural lighting is always the best light source for the playroom. Open the windows and let the sun in.


Children who play are messy and almost always dirty, especially if they are handling paints and play dough. Therefore, always prefer furniture and objects that are easy to clean.

Customize and decorate

Finally, think about the decoration of this space. Take advantage of the toys themselves to compose the decoration and avoid the excess of non-functional items. To ensure a touch of personality to the room, install wallpaper with a theme that the child likes or paint the walls in fun colors.

Bet on the use of niches and shelves with playful details. Do the same when choosing rugs.











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