How to Assemble a Small Gourmet Balcony?

The small gourmet balcony is like a mother’s heart: there’s always room for one more! And it’s no wonder, after all, this is the space in the house dedicated to socializing and good times with friends and family.

And if you are also looking for a gourmet balcony to call yours, come and see the inspiring tips and ideas that we brought below:

What is a gourmet balcony?

The concept of a gourmet balcony is relatively new, but it has already become a significant differentiator in current real estate, especially after the pandemic period, when meetings at home became the new “normal”.

The idea of ​​this space is very simple: to unite gastronomy and leisure, two things that every Brazilian likes a lot.

In general, the gourmet balcony is always located in external areas, whether it is a balcony itself, or a backyard, terrace, or shed in the back. In this environment, it is possible to combine elements of a common kitchen with a living area, allowing people to cook and interact with guests at the same time.

Tips for planning a small gourmet balcony

Let’s put your hand in the dough. So follow the tips below to start taking the idea of ​​your gourmet balcony off the ground:

Invest in creative storage solutions

In a reduced space, it is important to take advantage of every corner to store kitchen utensils and accessories. Use shelves, niches, or hanging cabinets to gain space vertically. Invest in hooks or supports to hang pans, cutlery, and other utensils, freeing up space on the countertops.

Define the purpose of your gourmet balcony

Then think about the activities you intend to do in that space. Do you want a place to barbecue? Want to have a cooktop for outdoor cooking? Or do you prefer an environment more focused on welcoming friends and family?

Defining the purpose of your gourmet balcony helps guide the planning and choice of elements that will be placed in the environment. Also, analyze the profile of the people who will be received more frequently. More adults? Elderly? Young people or children? You can customize the layout of each profile.

Choose the furniture

On a small gourmet balcony, the choice of furniture is essential to optimize the space. Therefore, prioritize multifunctional pieces with a compact design.

Folding tables, stackable chairs, and benches that can be stored away when not in use are great options. Also, consider using custom-made furniture that fits perfectly into corners and walls, taking advantage of every inch available.

Think about lighting and ventilation

Good lighting is essential to make the environment functional and welcoming, especially if you intend to use the gourmet balcony at night.

Opt for recessed lights in the ceiling, directed lighting in the food preparation area, and decorative lamps to create that cozy atmosphere. In addition, ensure adequate ventilation to avoid the concentration of smoke and odors. Large windows, exhaust fans, or ceiling fans are some of the options to consider.


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