How To Arrange The Most Romantic Breakfast in Bed

Who doesn’t like to be surprised with breakfast in bed, right? That’s why this is a great way to innovate in the celebration of a birthday or a romantic date.

Like the idea? Then come follow this post with us and find out how to make breakfast in bed super special.

How to decorate the breakfast tray


The tray is the most important item for breakfast in bed, after all, that’s where everything happens, so you know, right? You will need one. But do not worry. Nowadays it is very easy and cheap to find these trays, either on the internet or in physical stores. Prices are also quite varied.


Plates, cups, and bowls are also important for organizing everything that will be served for breakfast. So take that beautiful crockery out of the cupboard and place it on top of the tray.


The flowers bring a touch of charm and delicacy to the breakfast tray. You don’t need a super elaborate arrangement, here the idea is just the opposite. Use only one flower in a lonely vase. That way, it decorates the tray without taking up space.

Food arrangement

The disposition of food is essential to ensure a beautiful decoration for the breakfast tray. To do this, start by removing the food from the packaging and organizing it in bowls or plates.

Cold cuts, such as cheeses and sliced ​​hams, for example, can be served rolled up. The fruits need to be chopped to make them easier to eat and to avoid dirtying the bed.

Drinks should be placed directly in the glass or cup, but be careful not to overfill the container and end up dropping it halfway.

Special details

The final touch of the breakfast tray on the bed is due to the treats that are placed on it. It could be a note with a special phrase, it could be a photo or an envelope with a gift, like tickets to a cinema later or an invitation to a romantic dinner.

What to serve for breakfast in bed

Here are some suggestions of what to serve for breakfast in bed, remembering that each person has a different taste and you should prioritize the drinks and foods that they like best.


Sweet, salty, baguette, French, Italian, multigrain, toast, croissant … options abound when it comes to bread. A legitimate breakfast in bed cannot leave this traditional item out. Choose two or three varieties to serve.


Along with the bread comes the side dishes. It can be jam, butter, curd, dulce de leche, honey, or whatever the person likes most. To make it look beautiful, just remember to remove the product from the original packaging and place it in a small crockery container.

Pancakes and waffles

How about an American-style breakfast in bed? For this, provide pancakes and waffles with fruit, honey, and chocolate icing. Irresistible.


Eggs are a great salty option for breakfast. Simple to prepare, inexpensive and versatile, eggs guarantee a special touch for coffee. You can make scrambled, fried, boiled eggs, omelet, or any other recipe you know how to prepare.


Granola or breakfast cereals made from corn are also perfect for breakfast in bed. To serve, use a bowl and offer some accompaniment, such as honey or yogurt.


Banana, apple, grape, pear, watermelon, melon, strawberry, and papaya are great fruit options for coffee. Serve them already washed and cut. If you prefer, make a fruit salad, mixing three or four different types of fruit. Some fruits oxidize easily, as is the case with apples and pears. To prevent them from turning brown, drop a few drops of lemon.


You can also reinforce the breakfast tray served with a well-stuffed snack. A hot joint, for example, is a good option. But you can still opt for a natural snack or even tapioca, filling it with the ingredients of your choice.


Strawberry yogurts, red fruits, or natural flavors are welcome to accompany fruits and cereals, but also to be taken alone. See what the person prefers and offer on the tray.

Juices and vitamins

Juices and vitamins are perfect for a light and healthy breakfast. If the person is on a diet, offer a green juice, for example.


Daily coffee is also a must. Serve directly in the cup or a mini thermos.


To accompany coffee or chocolate you can choose to serve milk. In addition to the cow’s milk option, consider also offering an option of vegetable milk, such as almonds or oats.


Is the morning cold? So tea is going well! Make a warm tea and place it on the tray to warm the heart of the recipient.

Check out these 10 ideas for breakfast in bed to get inspired and do it too!












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