How to arrange an office area in a bedroom?

Perspectives for starting school, the democratization of telework or just the desire: there are all reasons to create a home office corner! Depending on the available space, this workplace can equip the bedroom. Computer desk, wall desk, small hanging desk, all forms of office can take place in a bedroom provided the spaces are properly structured and the work area is separated from the sleeping area to properly respect the required downtimes!

In a wall niche, in a corner, or in front of a window, here are the best office layouts in a bedroom that architects have come up with.

A custom desk for a small bedroom

Some home offices don’t have to overdo it. For those who don’t need much more than a laptop for teleworking, a simple, small, custom-built desk will suffice. This is the solution chosen by the architect and decorator Olivier Guyot, who envisioned a small retro office corner in the rooms of the charming HΓ΄tel de Verdun 1882 in Lyon. With a simple wall-mounted wooden shelf elevated by a metal leg, add a 70’s-style design chair and the workspace is ready for the workday!

An office corner in a wall recess

The industrious and cheerful atmosphere at the same time for this blue room with a desk by Alexandra Boussagol. Installed in a wall niche between the fireplace and the window, this office space takes advantage of those few square meters to multiply the shelving throughout its height with a wider shelf to house computers and paperwork. The architect created a discrete and unique workspace by opting for blue shelving like the rest of the space while inserting a graphic blue wallpaper to clad the bottom of the wall niche. Further proof that wallpaper and paint are real allies to dress up the bedroom… like the office!

A beautiful desk in front of a window in a bedroom

The trend would be to hide the office area at all costs, to be completely disconnected from the hours reserved for work, but everyone does it according to their area and their desires … It’s all the spirit that of this large, bright one bedroom benefits from a beautiful and large window, in front of which, of course, there is space for a design office with a computer. A way to privilege the light, the view and the opportunity to escape for a few minutes, improving productivity and inventiveness!


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