How Big Windows And Natural Light Change Your Interior

The magic of natural light is nothing short of miraculous. It changes any space with its brilliance. Its necessity for our physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing has also been documented and researched. Popular interior trends are responding to this information by planning for enhancing natural light in all spaces.

This is where big windows come into play. Having a strategically placed opening to allow natural light to filter into your interior will have a decisive impact on how a space feels. Telling the difference is easy, as the natural light feels more comfortable to your eyes. This is especially true when you are used to spending most of your time in artificial lighting.

Are you interested in learning how to let more natural light enter your home? If so, consider the following information and tips provided by the design experts at Portella Custom Steel Doors and Windows.

How Can I Make My Room Have More Natural Light?

Spending a lot of time in a dark space without getting adequate natural light can be detrimental to your well-being. Having more natural light is easy if you plan for it. There are various options to take into consideration. There are light-enhancing windows that allow more light to enter a space.

There are also options for installing several small windows for light maximization. These can take in the light coming from various directions through the day. Consider using large mirrors and other reflective surfaces to spread incoming light to the rest of the room. The possibilities are endless when it comes to allowing lots of natural light into your interior. The list of natural light benefits is also long.

How To Create Natural Light In a Room Without a Window?

New technologies have been innovating solutions for getting natural light into rooms without windows. These intelligently designed systems significantly benefit offices. They use mirrored ducts and refractive lenses to gather the light from the outside and funnel it in. Imagine an HVAC system made for distribution light.

One option, however, is to simply install a window. Modern light-enhancing windows are sleek and insulating that let in light without losing comfort. It sounds like the obvious solution, and it frankly is. It is not as difficult as you may imagine it to be. Opt for a skylight if you are on the top level. Letting more natural light into a room is one of the best ways to make it happier and healthier for everyone.

Look into using large glazed glass panel doors instead of opaque ones to create a large opening for natural light to enter the room. Try using reflective surfaces to create focal points that will direct natural light from one room to go into another. A little creativity goes a long way when learning how to create natural light in your interior.

How To Get Sunlight Into a Dark Room?

The most straightforward solution is to install additional windows or to increase the size of your existing ones. Meanwhile, adding roof lights or skylights is another viable option. If these options are entirely out of reach for technical reasons, try adding special reflectors to redirect sunlight from a bright area into dark hallways and rooms.

How Do You Add More Light to a Room?

One easy solution is to paint the interior and strategic exterior walls in light tones or make them white. These will immediately reflect more light and make your room feel brighter.

Apart from adding more openings, which we have already stressed earlier, this is the best solution to add more light to your space. Decluttering the room is yet another additional step to take. You’ll free up wall space by removing unnecessary furniture and objects, which allows more light to bounce around inside the room.

Changing existing windows into light-enhancing windows is another possibility to explore. These may be more expensive than the previous options, but they will visibly impact the feel of the room.

How Can I Brighten Up a Room Without Natural Light?

The feeling of natural light is hard to mimic. However, if you absolutely must go for artificial lighting, we recommend using daylight-balanced lights. These lights are calibrated to match the 5000K light temperature representing neutral daytime light.

Adding additional warmer lights is a good idea. It makes spaces like living rooms and bedrooms more comfortable in the evenings. Changing to lighter colored walls and adding more reflective surfaces like a large mirror will automatically brighten up a space.


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