House to Wander by Indico in Ajijic, Mexico

Project: House to Wander
Ajijic, Mexico
4,843 sf
Year: 2021
Photographs by:
Horacio Virrissimo

House to Wander by Indico

Indico has designed the House to Wander – a wonderful modern dwelling located on an elevated position above the Mexican town called Ajijic. This opens it up to stunning views of the Lake Chapala and the Sierra de San Juan Cosala. With just under 5,000 square feet of minimalist modern living spaces, this home certainly is a good retreat during any time of the year.

House to wander is located in the upper part of the town of Ajijic, with spectacular views of Lake Chapala and the Sierra de San Juan Cosala. The climate here is warm most of the year, which makes it possible to live the house towards the outside.

The main objective of this project was to create routes that allow the user to discover very special spaces and views from the moment they enter at street level. The house is elevated one level above the sidewalk but creates a pleasant space at street level, where the parking lot and garage are located. From here we see the main stairs straight ahead, which give clues that there will be something special after walking up to them. Once up we can contemplate the uninterrupted view towards the mountains, ravine, and lake. Walking towards the main door, we can see a bit of the pool and its vegetation between the latticework. The main living room is double-height with traditional brick vaults and steel and glass windows surrounding it. The terrace has a small pool that is lost on the horizon with the mountains and a double-height that directs the gaze towards the west. The kitchen is warm and intimate, but with the possibility of opening onto the garden.

The staircase that takes us to the second floor gives the appearance of being light and divides the living and dining spaces, but without interrupting the view. When taking the corridor that leads to the bedrooms, we will discover several different and unique views between them. The views of the bedrooms allow you to see colorful sunsets that are painted over the lake. The main bathrooms have floor-to-ceiling windows, open to the mountains. The cantilever over the main staircase was conceived with a metal frame, but the greatest challenge of this work was the stone retaining wall, which faces the west ravine.



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