House in Brissago by Wespi de Meuron Romeo Architects in Switzerland

Project: House in Brissago
Architects: Wespi de Meuron Romeo Architects
Location: 6614 Brissago, Switzerland
Area: 4,165 sq ft
Photographs by: Hannes Henz

House in Brissago by Wespi de Meuron Romeo Architects


Standing for stories above the beautiful Lake Maggiore in Switzerland is a new home. The House in Brissago, designed by Wespi de Meuron Romeo Architectsis a concrete monolith, a contemporary home with seamless views of the lake. Surrounded by the natural environment of Brissago, Switzerland, this house of hard angles and firm shapes feels right at home.
The private rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms are on the two lower levels while public spaces such as the living rooms, dining areas and the kitchen are on the top levels, ensuring that you can get the most out of the stunning view.

From the architects: ” A simply cut monolith in washed concrete, which is docked directly to the road, rises from the natural topography of the slope.
Two cars are parked almost directly on the roof. The visitor is guided down along a linear alleyway to the entrance door.
An entrance courtyard is located directly behind the wooden entrance gate. Across this courtyard one enters the house on the top floor and will be received by the kitchen with a long dining table and an open fireplace. Already when entering, the room open itself to the landscape, the “Lago Maggiore” and the mountains.
The entrance door and the glass front to the court can completely be shift into the wall, so that the outside and the interior space flows together in the summertime. Lift and staircase lead to the lower floors.
At the floor beneath is located the additional living area, with living room, fireplace, library and TV, as well as a covered outdoor terrace and a generous courtyard with natural stone pavement, two olive trees and a fountain.
Means wide openings to the court and to the outside, exterior and Interior, landscape and architecture forms a unity.
The inside participates to the court, like the court participates to the landscape, offering spectacular views. The court can be closed by two wooden gates, which generate a secure feeling.
This court becomes the heart of the house; different paths join together here, like in a historic village. On both sides of the court walkways and stairs lead down to the large garden terrace with swimming pool and outdoor kitchen.
On the two lower floors of the house are placed three bedrooms and the baths, as well as fitness room and a sauna; they are also connected to the garden and swimming pool by appropriate exits.
Due to its spatial diversity, complex relationships between interior and exterior spaces, diverse path choice, this house can be experienced like a historic village.”




















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