House 77 by Aunic Arquitetos in Xangri-La, Brazil

Project: House 77
Architects: Aunic Arquitetos
Location: Xangri-La, Brazil
Area: 3,282 sf
Photographs by: Efreu Quintana

House 77 by Aunic Arquitetos

Aunic Arquitetos has completed the House 77 project in Xangri-La, Brazil. This stupendous modern dwelling is immediately noticeable thanks to its absolutely stunning exterior design, especially in the evenings when the lights go up, contouring the shape of the building and its intricate details.

A typical beach house, house 77 is situated on a condominium site on the north coast of the state of Rio Grande do Sul, situated 130km from Porto Alegre. The land has its bottoms directed to the lake of the condominium.

The intention to contemplate the lake from the social areas of the house arose from the desire of its young owners. Allied to this, the social area has a visual integration with the lake and the external patio, through a beautiful balcony. Although there is great integration between the areas of the house, it still remains, in the intimate areas, tranquility and privacy.

The first floor of the residence receives the areas of leisure, conviviality, service area, toilets and the first suite of the house. The main access already directs us to the area of leisure and conviviality that contemplates a beautiful view, gives external area, swimming pool, and lake, framed by a large opening, which is given through the collection of frames. This allows for greater integration, entry of light and also allows the light summer breeze to refresh the house, making the summer days more magnificent.

The second floor receives the entire intimate area of the house. Three suites that are contemplated by the beautiful views of the condominium, from its openings, which receive wooden brises, which make the sun protection and when not collected, allow privacy.

Aunic Arquitetos


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