Here are the Most Amazing Tree House Ideas That You Can Use as Reference When Making Your Own

You don’t have to be a child to surrender to the charms of a tree house, the kind you see in the movies. No matter the age, the tree houses are a dream in the children’s imagination and a wish kept in the hearts of many adults out there. And maybe now is the time to make it a reality, ensuring everyone’s joy and fun.

Tree houses are usually made of wood and have a simple structure, making the final cost cheaper. However, the total price of a tree house will depend even on the project and how it will be built.

And building a tree house is not too complicated, or out of this world. It’s actually quite simple, but if you can’t or can’t get enough time to get involved in such a project, know that you can outsource this work today. There are many companies that specialize in tree house construction, from project design to final finishing.


Tips for Building a Tree House

But regardless of who will make the tree house it is important to pay attention to some important details that will ensure the safe and proper use of the place. Check out the tips:

  • The first thing to do is to choose the tree and then draw the house design according to the species chosen. It is recommended to always look for those that have deep roots, strong, resistant trunks and no signs of disease or parasites. The main trunk of the tree must be at least 30 centimeters in diameter;
  • If you do not have many trees to choose from, then it is best to plan the house respecting the characteristics of the tree species that will be used;
  • The most suitable species for house building are oak, pine and apple;
  • V-shaped trunk trees are the most recommended for building houses, as they allow a better fixation of the structure;
  • The house should be built between 1.8 and 2.4 meters high to ensure the safety of children and the stability of the work;
  • Try to know the growth rate of the chosen species and keep a distance around the trunk so that it has room to continue developing;
  • The best way to support the tree house is to use the post method of sticking wood logs around the trunk to support the tree house. Fixing the structure directly to the logs can weaken the tree and cause it to rot;
  • Another important detail is deciding what the access to the tree house will look like. This access is usually made by a standard wooden staircase. But you can also use a rope ladder, a sailor ladder or a conventional railing staircase. To get out of the house, consider the fun possibility of installing a slide;
  • A railing around the house is also important to prevent falls. The most common model is made of wood with a height of 90 centimeters and spacing of 10 centimeters between each ruler;
  • The lighter the tree house structure the better. Avoid overloading it with furniture and objects, and if you choose a roof, use lightweight tiles.

After all the carefully recorded and noted care comes the best part: a cute and passionate selection of tree houses to inspire you and build yours. Then just have fun, play, enjoy and whatever else you can do in this space. 

Check out each one and celebrate the child who lives in you:













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