Having A Fresh Nordic Touch In The Summer Is Still Possible!

As with any style of decoration, it is important to adapt the spaces according to the time of year and Scandinavians know a lot about this, since they open windows and doors and let the interior and exterior mix.

Who says living room, says the room, the office, the terrace or any room that you want to renew or update its decoration in the summer, with the longest days where you can enjoy the good weather, also with the Nordic style.

The textiles will be fresher by opting for fibers such as linen or cotton, the rugs are collected or are usually used from natural fibers such as jute, the blankets are stored and let in the light in abundance.

The white, natural, and relaxing tones are a success also at this time of year, together with the freshness of the green that the plants provide, it is a pleasure.

Outdoor life intensifies, providing furniture, accessories, and lots of greenery to terraces and gardens for lunch or dinner or a fika so comfortable. That is why this style feels so good, in any season of the year, since the quality of life and well-being so desired and necessary prevail.










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