Guide To The Best U-Shaped Kitchen

Shall we cook in U today? This kitchen model is simply beautiful to live in! A charm only!

Modern, practical, and functional, it can also fit anywhere, from the smallest apartments to large and spacious houses. And have you ever thought about having a U-shaped kitchen in your sweet home? The people here give you good reasons for that. Come see the neat post we prepared.

U-shaped kitchen decorating tips


Define a color palette for your U-shape kitchen, always taking into account the style you want to give to the environment.

More classic proposals look great with neutral and sober colors, such as white, gray, black, and dark, closed shades of blue and green. For a modern and relaxed U-style kitchen, bright and cheerful colors are a good choice. But if you are afraid of making mistakes in your hand, invest only in details and small colored objects.

Remembering that if the U-shaped kitchen is small, the best option is to use a palette of light and neutral colors that enhance the brightness of the environment.


Lighting is another super important aspect of the U-shaped kitchen. If space has windows, great. Otherwise, a good solution to increase the incidence of light in the place is to integrate the environments, removing one of the walls. Also, provide good artificial lighting to cover the entire area. One tip is to install steerable spots on the ceiling and fixtures on the bench.

To create a cozy atmosphere, invest in LED strips under niches, shelves, and counters.


The materials used in the U-shaped kitchen are what, in fact, will make all the difference in your design. So it is very important to pay attention to all of them, including furniture, countertops, coverings, and decorative elements. Wood and MDF wood furniture are great to reinforce the warm and inviting atmosphere that every kitchen deserves. In addition to furniture, wood can be present on countertops, on the counter, and in decorative elements, such as partitions and panels.

The glass guarantees elegance and spaciousness for the kitchen, being especially suitable for small spaces. Therefore, invest in glass doors in cabinets and even on counters made with the material. Stainless steel, iron, and steel, in turn, bring that modern and industrial touch that is super hot at the moment. These materials can be used on shelves, niches, and countertops. Stainless steel appliances are another possibility of using the material.

Finally, it is worth combining these elements to create even more stylized and original proposals.

Check out 9 U-shaped kitchen ideas to inspire your project below:











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