Green Sofa – How To Combine The Item?

Moss, emerald, lemon, military… options abound when it comes to the green sofa. The problem is that along with all these possibilities comes the doubt of which model to choose. Therefore, we have selected in this post several tips and inspirations to help you choose the green sofa of dreams.

Meaning of the color green

The green color is very rich in meanings and symbolisms, regardless of tone. Green is popularly associated with all that is natural, which comes from nature and the land. Green is also the color of health (just remember the walls of hospitals) and everything healthy, but it is also the color that represents justice and wisdom.

The color is still considered neutral within the spectrum, because it is in the center of all colors, between the palette of warm colors (next to yellow) and cold colors (blue). Because of this, green is the most used color to bring feelings of balance, security, harmony, and well-being. Green can also be associated with wealth (the color of money bills). And depending on the tone it can bring warmth and coziness, especially when the tone is closer to the yellows, as well as it can suggest refreshment, calm, and tranquility when being closer to the blues.

How to combine the green sofa

The green sofa is an incredible friend of decor. He adjusts and adapts and all kinds of styles and knows how to behave very well alongside other colors. Check out the following tips to bet on the green sofa without errors.

With other colors

The green sofa can be combined with a wide variety of colors and shades. That’s because, as you read above, green is a neutral color, located in the center of the chromatic spectrum. Therefore, it is worth combining green, at first, with its complementary colors, that is, those that form a contrast to each other.

The complementary color of green is pink. Yeah! You may have already seen that this composition is super hot at the moment, bringing a tropical and cheerful atmosphere to the decorations. But if the intention is to stay in a more neutral field, the tip is to bet on the combination of green with black, white, and shades of gray. For a rustic and country atmosphere, bet on the duo between green and woody tones. The same goes for the combination of green with pastels and/or tones that pull natural fibers, such as straw, sand, and pearl.

Decorative styles

The green sofa will come to any stop! It goes well in the modern room and the rustic room, in the classic and sophisticated. It also combines with the darling styles of the moment, such as Scandinavian, boho, and industrial. But to get the combination “green sofa x style of decoration” right, it is important to pay attention to the sofa’s tone.

It is this difference in tone that makes all the difference. For a modern room, for example, the best choice is green sofas with lighter shades, such as water green, pistachio green, and with a little more daring, it is worth investing in a lime green sofa. A rustic room, in turn, usually decorated with wooden furniture asks for a dark green closed sofa, like moss and military.

For retro proposals, the olive green sofa fits like a glove. And in a classic and elegant room, the emerald green sofa or in more closed shades is also a guarantee of success. In addition to the shade of green, it is also important to pay attention to the type of fabric that will cover the sofa. A more sophisticated proposal is incredible with a velvet or linen sofa since they are noble fabrics, full-bodied and elegant by nature. The suede, in turn, is the choice for modern and uncluttered rooms. The green leather sofa goes well in rustic rooms, but also in those with a sober and refined style.












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