Green & Pink In The Bedroom- 17 Fascinating Ideas

To achieve a chic and sophisticated look in the home, you do not need at all costs to follow the latest trends in interior design and color combinations. Some colors and color combinations are always in fashion and give you the opportunity to decorate the space, in a unique way, and also they give a personal touch to the interior. The simplest trick to change the atmosphere in the room is the introduction of elements of different colors. In this article we present you a few timeless combination, which you can adjust for yourself and your environment, a combination that always look great, regardless of trends: green with pink.

The green color suggests a new beginning and birth. It has a calming effect and puts things in balance. It is especially good for people who have frequent mood swings. It is considered the color of health. When our environment contains many green, it provokes in us a sense of security, because it is associated with nature. Since it acts calming, it is best suited for bathrooms and bedrooms.

Pink is the color of love and sensitivity. It is a shade of red, but unlike it has a more calming than stimulating character. It provides protection for people who feel uncomfortable in large groups of people and that are sensitive to noise. Too much pink takes us into a world of fantasy and detached from reality.

The combination of this two colors is always lively but calming. It is good for all parts of your home. If you don’t have any idea how they will look together in the bedroom, see our collection and you will find out. Enjoy!








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Author: Ana Duovska


''Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.''


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