Giz Hollywood House by Yuri Vital in Tibau do Sul, Brazil

Project: Giz Hollywood House
Architects: Yuri Vital
Location: Tibau do Sul, Brazil
Area: 14,628 sf
Photographs by: Nelson Kon

Giz Hollywood House by Yuri Vital

Architect Yuri Vital has completed the design of a stunning contemporary residence in Tibau do Sul, Brazil. The Giz Hollywood House sits next to a popular beach called Pipa’s Beach and enjoys stunning sights of the coastline. The home sports a luxurious contemporary look and expands outwards to a landscaped deck and an infinity swimming pool.

Internationally known by the famous Praia da Pipa (Pipa’s Beach), Tibau do Sul city is one of the main resorts and an important touristic pole of Rio Grande do Norte state. Tibau do Sul city has grown fast as a touristic segment and, as far as it became bigger, allied to a great quality of the service at the place, it attracted people from the entire world. Today we can say that Pipa is one of the most cosmopolitan beaches of Brazil. It is the perfect scenario to develop a groundbreaking exceptional house to the client, who fell in love with this city.

Conceived to vacation only, this house has unprecedented characteristics. The purpose was to create a house with an enormous living room, with a breathtaking view of the sea, without losing the main characteristics of a home. Therefore, it was conceived a single area, without any division, meaning that the layout of the furniture, tables, chairs, sofas, etc. would create subtly the partitions. Therefore, the whole house has magnanimous width and length, where from all the rooms you can see the gorgeous sea and the famous cliffs of Tibau do Sul city.

Therefore, to describe this piece of work we may say that, at the inferior level of the house, there are four suits, a fitness studio, a storage room, a social lavatory and a garage. At the pavement above we have the kitchen, a small dining room, a living room, a dining room, on office/living area, a private room, a swimming pool and the master suite. The whole idea of placing the master suit ate the superior pavement is that the client would have a “grounded house”, meaning that all the rooms of the house would be at the same level, and only the four guests suits would be on the lower floor, giving all the guests better privacy.

Newly built, the house has always a remarkable curriculum, particularly highlighted by the location of two seasons (2016 and 2017) of the MTV´s reality show “De férias com o ex – Brasil”, the award ceremony of the show “Aperte On – SKOL SUMMER HOUSE”, among various locations for major events as high class weddings ceremonies. Its background attracts a lot of attention at Tibau do Sul city, becoming a mark and a point of reference to the gorgeous city.

Yuri Vital


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