Functionality And Style – The Rattan Laundry Basket

The rattan laundry basket is the essential everyday object that has been used for ages, to store (and hide) dirty laundry while waiting for the next laundry. If it is useful, it can also be aesthetic, going perfectly with our decor including that of the bathroom!

So that laundry management is no longer a chore, we unearthed the 4 most beautiful rattan laundry baskets!


Do you like the warmth and sophistication of natural rattan? That’s good, this rattan basket is simple but effective. The natural shade of rattan gives it an irresistible touch that is both refined and Scandinavian. The rigid handles that look like ears, give it an incredible style and are above all very ergonomic.

If you like clean bathrooms, this model is for you.


The decoration side at the service of the function is to link the beautiful to the useful, which is always a plus in interior matter! And that, Made understood well with this graceful rattan laundry basket! The combination of black metal, the structure visible in the upper part, and the synthetic rattan offer an unstoppable design. To avoid spoiling anything, it has a large capacity, ideal for the whole family, everyone can store their laundry without running out of space.

A beautiful rattan laundry basket that should not be hidden, place it next to the bathroom vanity unit, it will be highlighted.


As you now know, the color black brings a chic and elegant note to an interior. So why not apply it to the rattan laundry basket?

This model, hand-braided, anthracite gray, offers a very contemporary rendering, in tune with the times. Without forgetting its large capacity which allows it to be also very useful for the management of the linen. It is the ideal accessory for a bathroom with a refined character.


All in simplicity but of great class: the set of rattan laundry baskets from Bloomingville. The iconic Danish design house takes us with this model, in a clean and daring style. Designed like a bamboo laundry basket, this model with openwork rattan weaving is very elegant.

Sold in a set of 2 baskets, they will be the perfect companions for a functional bathroom! The lid and handles make them ideal, to place and move them wherever you want. Use them in your bathroom, they will breathe a unique and warm atmosphere into the room.


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