Frozen Theme – Amazing Ideas Of Children’s Bedroom Decorating

Straight from the cold of Arandelle to your house. Yes, we’re talking about Frozen’s room. One of the most popular kids room decor themes right now. Anna, Elsa, Olaf, and Kristoff promise to bring grace, beauty, fun, and magic to pack playtime and night’s sleep. But before you go out there buying everything that comes your way, stop for a while and follow the tips we bring you below.

You will see that it is possible to create a Frozen room with creativity, going far beyond the obvious sheets, curtains, and panels that circulate.

Frozen bedroom decor

Color palette

Start decorating the Frozen room with the color palette. This makes everything easier, after all, you can focus only on what makes sense for the topic.

Anna and Elsa are the two main characters in the film and each of them has its color palette. You can choose to follow just one or mix the two.

In general, white and blue are the basis of this type of decoration, present in both characters. However, for those who want to value the presence of the character Elsa, then the tip is to opt for three shades of blue (from the lightest to the darkest), in addition to white and a shade of closed green.

As for the character Anna, the color palette includes, in addition to white and blue, a shade of pink almost pink, a shade of dark purple, and a shade of light purple, known as lavender.

Woody tones are also welcome in the decoration, but be careful with excesses so as not to overload the environment.

Oh, how cold!

If you’ve watched the movie, you know the story takes place in the middle of winter. The background is the protagonist’s snow and ice castle. Therefore, everything that refers to winter fits in the decoration of the Frozen room, including even the use of dry twigs.

Also bet on warm and cozy textures, such as plush, plush rugs, and crochet, for example. In addition to bringing the room even closer to the theme, these elements help to counter the real feeling of coldness that blue and white provoke, making the room more comfortable. Finally, it is worth betting on the use of snowflakes to decorate the walls or create a curtain. You can do it yourself using just paper and scissors.

Transparency and luminosity

Ice, snow, and winter also combine with transparency and luminosity. Therefore, it is very interesting to bet on decorative pieces of acrylic or glass, but depending on the age of the child, avoid the material, as it can cause accidents.

Following this line, you can choose to use mirrors on the wall, acrylic chair on the desk or dressing table, crystal chandelier, and mirrored furniture, such as bedside tables, for example. Don’t forget to pay attention to the lighting. Use bluish lights to create the mood for the movie.

Made for a princess

Frozen’s room is dedicated to a princess, isn’t it? But not the movie! The child who lives in this space will love to feel like one of the characters. Therefore, bet on elements that bring this costume, such as a crown, dress, and cape.

A canopy around the bed also helps with this characterization, as does the use of wallpaper with a classic pattern, such as arabesques or florals, for example.

A little of the characters

You don’t have to, and shouldn’t, put character prints everywhere. On the contrary, make the Frozen room decor light and delicate, betting only on discreet references, such as a stylized painting on the wall or a doll on the shelf, for example. And don’t forget about the other characters in the story, like the fun snowman Olaf and Anna’s boyfriend, the young King Kristoff.

How about getting a little inspired now with the Frozen bedroom decor ideas that we brought below? There are 50 inspirations to liven up your project:











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