From Dutch prison to luxury hotel

Famous designs from taboos to other interesting topics, were always a good inspiration for the Dutch. Especially when the topic of discussion is any kind of design, they are ruling in those fields because of their, for some people crazy, ideas. The Netherlands is home to some of the most simple and unique concepts that exists. Here, we are presenting you  a very unusual luxurious hotel created from a former prison. And yet this is just one example.

Het Arresthuis of Roermond, NL is an old jail that was originally around beginning in 1862 up all the way until 2007. Though there was a period of abandonment, this place was built to keep people in. Now, it has been refurbished into a luxury hotel with jail cells as rooms and there is even an upscale suite in the Warden’s quarters. It is a great idea, and it is giving a great experience for those who prefer more unique and different things. If you want to have a real story to talk about and something to remember as a different experience, you should visit this place.

P.S Don’ t tell you haven’ t been in jail.


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