Fresh Upgrades to Include When Designing Your Bathroom

Deciding to renovate the bathroom or even just give it a bit of a refresh can be exciting, but sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many options for the bathroom!

But you’ll want to make sure that whatever you choose isn’t chosen just for the way it looks.

You should select new additions and upgrades based on practicality but still add value and upgrade your life quality. So let’s take a look at the best shower upgrades for your bathroom!

Upgrade Your Shower Head

A quick and cheap bathroom upgrade that adds a ton of value without messing with plumbing is a new, multi-functional shower head. When it comes to modern, luxury showerheads, there are different types, such as rain showers and dual showerheads. Many models have the option to add additional accessories to enhance your shower experience. Some even have the option to add colored lights!

Not only that, but you can get one that is adjustable to fit your needs, like an adjustable sprayer or one that allows you to adjust the water pressure for a luxurious experience. Showerheads are often very cost-friendly and simple to install, so even the most inexperienced home renovator can do it in no time. This makes one of the best bathroom upgrades you can do for your home.

Upgrade Your Toilet

We all want to do our part to help conserve water, but did you know you can do so by switching to a low-flow toilet? Toilets aren’t what comes to mind for most people when we talk about conserving water, but low-flow toilets reduce our water usage and save you money on your water bill! Not to mention that they also increase your home’s value.

Low flow toilets work by reducing the amount of water needed to move waste through your plumbing. But keep in mind when you’re considering upgrading your bathroom, they have a higher chance of getting clogged because they require less water. Be mindful of how much toilet paper you use, and refrain from putting anything in your toilet that shouldn’t be there, like cat litter, food, or paper towels. If you encounter a clog, call a professional plumber to get it taken care of right away to avoid damage to your toilet or pipes.

Another type of toilet to consider is a toilet with a hidden tank. These toilets help create a modern, sleek look and are great for smaller bathrooms because they take up less room by hiding the tank away.

However, when you consider these toilets, remember that maintenance is more difficult because the tank is hidden. But if you want to have more room and a sleek look, it’s among the best bathroom upgrades you can install.

Replace the Bathroom Faucet

Did you know that you should replace the bathroom faucet every 15-20 years? That means if you haven’t replaced yours in a long time, consider this bathroom upgrade. And there are so many types to choose from! Choose from many designs and shapes to fit the aesthetic you’re looking for for the bathroom.

Of course, that isn’t the only sign that you need to replace your sink. If your sink is constantly dripping or is always in need of repairs, that’s also a sign that the faucet needs to be replaced. Once you’ve decided on a new faucet, call a plumber to help you replace it to ensure it is installed correctly.

Upgrade Your Bathtub

The most common upgrade that comes to mind often when people think of upgrading their bathroom is their bathtub. Although buying and installing a completely new bathtub can be one of the more expensive upgrades to choose from, they do have many benefits. There are unlimited options to choose from when designing a luxurious bathroom, and you can pick whatever fits your needs.

Have a lot of kids and would like to bathe them simultaneously or have a big dog? A larger tub would make a wonderful addition that would make these tasks easier! Feel like relaxing at the end of a hard work week? Soak in a large, spa-like tub with jets to melt your troubles away. Spending time in hot water can also help reduce stress and anxiety.

A bigger, spa-like bathtub is among the best bathroom upgrades for your home. But did you know a luxurious bathtub can even help improve your health? Soaking in a bathtub can help boost the quality of your sleep, and the water can help ease tension in your body, encouraging relaxation.

If you’re an athlete, on your feet all day, or just have body aches, a bathtub can help soothe your pains. It can even help heal pulled or sore muscles or arthritis. And with a larger bathtub, you’ll enjoy your experience even more.

Install a Bidet

A more up-and-coming addition that many people are now installing in their homes is bidets; they help you rinse off after using the bathroom. Although they’re less common in the United States, bidets are standardly used throughout most of the world and are just part of a regular, hygienic bathroom routine.

There are different types of bidets. One is an electronic addition to your toilet, and the other is a separate fixture altogether that is still connected to your plumbing. Investing in a bidet has many benefits. It can help you save on toilet paper costs, is better for the environment, and reduces the risk of your toilet being clogged because you’re putting less down the drains. This helps extend your plumbing and toilet life a bit and helps the flow of your system.

Additionally, they also can boost our health as well. Bidets are cleaner than toilet paper. Therefore, they can reduce the appearance of rashes, UTIs, hemorrhoids, and other problems. Keeping your bidet clean is a must and can be cleaned using a mild cleanser. Make sure to clean the seat at least once a week.

Have a plumber install your bidet for you to ensure the plumbing is installed correctly. The last thing you want to do is mess up your plumbing and spend a lot of money that you weren’t planning for in your renovation budget. So it’s always best to leave your plumbing in the hands of a professional.

Upgrade Your Plumbing

Another great upgrade that a trusted, expert plumber can do for you is to upgrade your bathroom’s plumbing to increase the functionality of the bathroom. This may seem like an extreme upgrade that requires a lot of work, but it’s not as bad as it may sound.

Most bathrooms have regular 1.25-1.5 PVC pipes installed that do all the heavy lifting, like carrying away waste and making sure clean water gets through. Unfortunately, those 1.25-1.5 pipes are so easily clogged. What most plumbers recommend for the ultimate optimization of the bathroom is a 2-inch pipe.

They’re still small and invisible and help improve the drainage of your plumbing to reduce clogs. Clogs can be a significant problem and can even cause extensive damage if not taken care of, so investing in better drainage could be worth it in the long run.

Although they may not be as flashy, fun, or aesthetically pleasing, it’s also not fun to have constant clogs in your toilet. Installing better pipes that reduce clogs can reduce the stress that comes with calling a plumber or fetching your plunger.

Upgrade the Lighting

Another excellent upgrade for the bathroom is to change up the lighting. Yellow-toned or dingy lighting in the bathroom is the last way you want to start your day. Installing new lighting in your bathroom can improve the entire mood or vibe!

Some lighting even has dimmer options. Who wants to take a bath in full, bright light? The dimmer option helps you set the mood for your bath, and you can adjust it to whatever brightness works best. Better lighting can be beneficial for grooming habits, making it easier to shave, fix hair, and do makeup.

However, going this route, keep in mind that you should never install anything electrical by yourself. Instead, have a professional electrician install your new lighting.

If you don’t need to change your lighting, you could also create a window in the bathroom. Natural lighting is great for doing makeup and can even help elevate your mood! If you can open the window, the fresh air in the bathroom can be another great bonus, and it can even reduce mold growth.

If you decide to replace your toilet, renovate your plumbing, or get a new bathtub, just make sure you choose some of the best bathroom upgrades for your budget and home!


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