Four Trending Interior Design Themes

As with clothes, toys and food, home interiors have their own trends.  Some are the reworkings of old favourites whilst others are mashups of two or more styles.  Although changing your furniture may take more effort than changing your shoes, you can achieve one of these beautiful on-trend looks in your own home once you know the key shapes, colours and feel required.  We look at the key influences in each design trend and show you how they can be adapted and adopted in your home.

Interior design trend #1 – California Dreaming

The Californian design aesthetic is carefree but sophisticated, casual but modern.  The salty breeze of an Australian summer balanced perfectly with the relaxed modernist vibe of California, gives us this wonderfully inviting home style.  Think poolside parties, palm trees, and desert backdrops in a palette of fresh whites, oak timbers and muted pastel tones; pops of colour can be introduced via soft furnishings and art work.  Natural elements such as marbles and concrete, with bursts of blues and rusted desert colours, are also in the mix to help create this effortless summery oasis.  To see how you can create this look in your home, check out the California Dreaming theme on Metricon’s Lookbook.

Pictured above: The living room of the Vantage display home featuring the ‘California Dreaming’ interior.

To see how this interior design trend looks throughout a home, visit the Vantage on display in Fyansford, Victoria.

Interior design trend #2 – Modernism

The ‘new’ Modernism trend imitates the architectural lines of the European Modernist movement from the 20th century.  Oak and walnut timbers feature strongly against fresh crisp whites and raw concrete forms.  Black is used as a stark contrast in furniture details, with olives and rusts as highlights in soft furnishings and paintings.  As a rule, this style celebrates clean simple lines and smooth curves.  For more inspiration, take a look at the Modernism interior style at Metricon’s online Lookbook.

Pictured above: The open plan living zone featuring a ‘Modernism’ interior style as on display at the Edgewater in SA.

The Modernism design trend is on display at Edgewater in Lightsview, South Australia.

Interior design trend #3 – Southampton

This theme comes straight out of the affluent classic seaside region of Long Island, New York.  With 1920s influences abundant, such as art deco patterns and the use of brass, this interior style offers both the luxury and grace of yesteryear with the more comfortable nature of coastal living.  Crisps white, cool neutral shades, greys and inky blues are the predominant palette, creating a sense of light and space.  Linen furnishings add to the relaxed beachy feel, whilst rich walnut timbers add a polished look.  The Southampton design trend is certainly a mix of timeless elegance and an upmarket coastal lifestyle.  Metricon’s online Lookbook shows you just how the Southampton theme can be created in your home.

Pictured above: The ‘Southampton’ Lookbook theme displayed in the master bedroom of the Bayville show home.

Visit the Metro in North Macquarie, New South Wales, to see the beautiful Southampton design trend on display.

Interior design trend #4 – Maison de Provence

Grandness is a highlight of the Maison de Provence style.  Inspired by the grandeur and opulence of Parisian flair, the Maison de Provence interior style is epitomised by soft colours and marble finishes paired with bold furniture items and gold accessories.  Timeless white surfaces are used throughout while ornate elements and pendant lighting create mood and interest. Classical touches such as mouldings on the wall and heavy drapes give this theme a real warmth, whilst bronze and gold accents add a sense of luxury.  The Maison de Provence theme can be viewed here on Metricon’s Lookbook and on display at the Bordeaux in Rochedale, Queensland.

Pictured above: The kitchen of the La Pyrenee show home displaying the ‘Maison de Provence’ interior style.


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Author: Maja Markovski


A 35-year-old female architect with a passion for innovative, sustainable design. I blend creativity and functionality to transform spaces into beautiful, practical environments.


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