Forest House by lb+mr in Sao Carlos, Brazil

Project: Forest House
Architects: lb+mr
Location: Sao Carlos, Brazil
Area: 4,197 sf
Photographs by: Favaro Jr.

Forest House by lb+mr

lb+mr has designed the Forest House in Sao Carlos, Brazil. This 4,000 square foot dwelling features an elegant contemporary look designed to capitalize on the stunning forest landscape views that surround it.

The house has been designed to make the most of the view of the forest landscape. Due to the dimensions of the terrain – narrow in width and long in length_ we`ve chosen small patios. At the front access, a large exposed concrete marquee, which, more than a shelter for cars, serves as a covered square directly connected to the forest.

The visitors` entrance to the house is in this square and passes through a gallery with several openings to the side in order to minimize the sensation of narrowness of the land and establish a maximum connection with the external area. The master bedroom with its private patio is in this gallery. This unusual location allows the areas of collective use to take more advantage of the depth of the terrain.

The other rooms facing the forest are on the second floor, in addition to an intimate room and a void with several openings protected by metal brises that allows you to enjoy the view from the treetops. Once again, we seek to make the most of these views and in order to make a greater connection with the surroundings we seek to take advantage of natural materials such as brick, stone, concrete and wood.



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