For A Warm And Exotic Decor This Ethnic Wall Basket Is The Perfect Item

Your room lacks originality and you would like to dress your walls with pretty natural decorative objects? Star of bohemian atmospheres, the ethnic wall basket is exactly what you need!

It brings fantasy and exoticism to your interior while giving it a real identity. To help you choose the perfect model, here are our favorite ethnic wall baskets !


These 3 ethnic wall baskets in the herbarium give pride of place to light colors and openwork patterns.

The black circular lines contrast elegantly with the natural fibers. Rather discreet, these woven baskets will subtly highlight a bohemian decoration. With their soothing colors, they will be particularly well installed above a bed adorned with an ethnic duvet cover. The openwork parts bring out the colors of the wall at the back, for a unique result.

We imagine them very well, for example, on an ocher or ice blue colored wall .


The wall basket can also be colored: proof with this model with touches of orange, green, and blue. From a distance, the colors blend in with the whole. Up close, you can see the details of the geometric patterns created by a tangle of dyed threads.

In a finely woven rush, these baskets breathe a pleasant Mediterranean atmosphere into the room. To be installed above a living room cabinet or a dining table near an elegant ethnic rug. Terracotta accessories and a few green plants nearby will create a nice monochrome.


In water hyacinth, this wall decoration represents a very beautiful work of craftsmanship.

This lot has the particularity of presenting 3 baskets different from each other. The larger and smaller are adorned with a mesmerizing spiral pattern. The medium retains its natural shade and is completely openwork, revealing the color in the background. This model will complement a chic ethnic decor, for example on a large white wall adorned with a wall pot .


All in lightness, these 3 wall baskets in seagrass inspire me calm and relaxation. Between natural hue and white weave, the soft colors of this model are soothing. The floral motifs accentuate this “natural” effect and give it a poetic dimension.

Install them in a room with light tones, for a pretty seaside atmosphere. Hang them for example above a designer camp bed on a beige or light gray wall.


If the previous models worked in a trio, this one does not need sidekicks to light up the room. This imposing wall decoration is self-sufficient and invites you to travel. The invisible metal structure gives it solid support.

The braided sisal heart is surrounded by a thick raffia mane reminiscent of the majesty of the lion. African-inspired, it will bring an elegant exotic touch to your interior. Once again, it will blend in very well with a terracotta wall and around natural materials such as wood and wicker.


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Author: Renata Kralevska


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