Five Elegant Photo Frames To Decorate Any Corner Of the Room

Sometimes it is not necessary to spend a fortune to give personality to any room, it is enough to choose the appropriate decorative accessories and opt for elements that speak of us; such as a print or watercolor, phrases that inspire us, or directly, a photograph. To give these details the importance they deserve, we must frame them and the choice must always be per our style. That is why we have selected five frames for photos or small prints with a lot of personalities, but also neutral and minimalist so that they can decorate without overloading that special corner of the house.

The first option that catches our attention is this small wooden frame with a square design that incorporates two small circles on the back that we can use like a pencil or better yet as flower pots for small cacti for example. In addition, it has two slots to put two photographs (one on the back and one on the front).

A beautiful, simple option with double functionality that will provide quality to any corner of the house.

Another option is to frame two photographs or a combination of photo and sheet if we feel like it is this frame that mixes light-colored wood with a black metal structure, which gives it an industrial touch that will also fit in with the style. Nordic.

In this case, the frame allows us to place two photos of 10X15 centimeters, a fairly common measurement.

Another minimalist frame in a natural style is this one made of bamboo that has two types of thicknesses to give a more original look to the whole of the photo. The light brown color with a worn effect gives it an informal touch that fits in any room and with all types of decoration.

The good news is that this 10×15-centimeter photo frame is that in addition to having back support that allows it to be placed vertically or horizontally.

Once again, wood is the protagonist and these frames combine it with acrylic glass, it is a pack of two frames with a solid block of wood in the lower part that leaves the photo of our choice ” uncovered ”. The pack of two includes a model to place the photo vertically and another horizontally, so we create a very original eclectic effect (without overloading the corner).

Finally, within this compilation, the frame that makes the difference from the rest, a geometric style portrait in relief and metallic design that decorates by itself, practically does not need a photo …

We can place it in a vertical or horizontal position, we can even hang it on the wall to create a relief effect in a composition of photos (for example).


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